Real life super heroes (and villains) and their made up super power.

Obviously, to qualify as a “super” hero/villain, the first and last name have to start with the same letter. List the name, superpower, then classify as “hero” or “villain”.
Sean Spicer: Twisting facts/ lying. Villain of course.

Wendy Williams: Queen of sharp wit and gossip. Hero.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later. :slight_smile:

Bill Nye, The Science Guy: Superscience. Savior of the world. Hero.

I don’t think you read the rules. As much as I love the guy, Bill Nye doesn’t qualify. :slight_smile:

Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Hal Jordan, Charles Xavier, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers… Plenty of heroes have names starting with different letters.

True. I was sleep deprived at the time of posting the OP. Not very well thought out I guess.

Brian Boitano - Magical fire breath, time travel. hero.