Real life Superhero?

I hope no one has posted this already. This guy thinks he is a superhero. Actually, its kinda cool at least I think so. I don’t know if I’d ever do something like that, but hey, at least he’s helping people.

WARNING: link automatically plays sound/video

I’d buy the “hero” part, but unless he has what you’d call an actual “power”, you need to leave off the “super” part.

Well, I see your point. But it is kind of “super” for an ordinary person to do what he can to help others without any expectation of reward.

Wow. I never knew any of this existed. A little creepy, but they really seem to be helping the society they live in, so good for them.

For heaven’s sake, does he at least sow the seads that lead to the creation of his own greatest nemesis?

If he doesn’t have one already, he needs an alliterative name for his ordinary alter-ego.

True, but we need to not peak too soon on the naming convention. Think Watchmen. If we call this guy a superhero, what do we call Dr. Manhattan? Superhero-with-Powers, or SWP? Swip? That’s just silly. He might turn us into newts.

Dude - PLEASE state when a link kicks off music/sound immediately upon contact!!! Not good at work!!!

Batman? Robin? Nightwing? and that’s just in Gotham. Green Arrow(s) Wildcat, lots of others that have no powers, it’s just not a requirement.