Real Men of Genius: Texas Edition

I heard this Bud Light commercial on the radio while driving home from work the other day (Austin, TX) and it cracked me up. I thought it a bit risque for a big corp like Budweiser, but that just made it all the more funny.

Is this commercial running in any other states? To broaden the topic a bit, can anyone come up with a version of the song for your/another state?

I’m still not going to drink their swill, though.

Arg, I meant to include, for those wondering what the commercial is about, that the “real man of genius” featured in the commercial is Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy.

Love that hornytoad.

I don’t get how it’s supposed to be racy. Am I at a disadvantage because I’m a Texan?

I can’t think of people who are that proud to be from Pennsylvania, but you could adapt the commercial to cover both football teams.

“We salute you, Mr. Proud-to-be-a-Steelers-Fan!”


Bird: Mockingbird
Tree: Pecan
Reptile: Horned Lizard
Flower: Bluebonnet (not the “Yellow Rose”)
Song: “Texas, Our Texas” (all hail the mighty state!)
Snack Food: Salsa and Tortilla Chips


Best Part: “your contempt for any state that doesn’t begin with ‘Tex’ and end with ‘iassssss’ ('that spells TEXAS!)”


Risque probably wasn’t the best word; maybe edygy is better? But I was thinking that mocking, even gently, some portion of your target audience is generally avoided by PR firms.

Edgy! I really do know how to spell common four-letter words and to use preview, I promise.

Yeah, but does Texas have an Official State Question and Answer?

Ooo…no, not to my knowledge. What’s yours?


Q: Why doesn’t Texas slide into the Gulf of Mexico?

A: Because Oklahoma sucks!

Of course! :smack:


“Yankee wussie” was my favorite bit.

Colorado, by the way, is the only state (as far as I know) that has a state dinosaur!

But my favorite part of the whole series is: it’s really the guy from Survivor who is singing. I was thinking they had found some studio singer who nailed that 80’s shorts-too-tight guy vocal sound, but no, it’s the real shorts-too-tight guy!

First I’ve heard that Alaska is smaller than Texas. :confused:

Great. Now when people ask me why I hate Texas, I have an MP3 to point to.

If you ever run into Mr. Way Too Proud of Texas Guy just tell him to cool it or we’ll split Alaska in two and demote Texas to the third largest state. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=NoCoolUserName}Colorado, by the way, is the only state (as far as I know) that has a state dinosaur![/QUOTE]

Texas has one too: Pleurocoelus

Well doesn’t that just figure. :slight_smile: