RealClearPolitics is biased towards John McCain

Interesting post from this morning.

I don’t know if they’re biased (well, there’s a definate conservative slant in the ratio of articles they feature but that doesn’t mean their data crunching is biased) but I noticed the ARG inclusion myself. My first thought was “When did ARG get out of the RCP doghouse?”

I suppose I won’t know if RCP is ‘cheating’ or not until ARG starts releasing some Obama favorable polls. Which, knowing ARG, will be Utah: Obama +837

I’m kind of amazed at RCP, or anyone, using the likes of ARG.

There are plenty of polls with proven track records and, more or less, transparency to their methodologies. Anyone using an untested, unproven and opaque pollster clearly is pushing an agenda rather than an attempt to provide the truth. Particularly when that pollster is providing data that seems noticeably at odds with other, established polls.

Who knows…maybe ARG will be vindicated. If so fine, they can add themselves to the list of reliable pollsters but till that is proven they should not be listed IMO.

Was it RCP that wouldn’t use the R2K numbers from DailyKos because Kos was paying for it? I thought that was a weird choice as well, and 538 addressed it too.