Reality shows you'd like to see

Inspired by this, I had an idea for a reality show. The next great reality show needs to be one that isn’t real. The people shown are actors following a script, the votes that the viewing audience call in aren’t actually tabulated; rather, fake results are presented every week. Challenges presented to the “participants” are faked, too; the actors succeed or fail based upon what the show writers think will work best. Then, at the end, when the audience has grown emotionally attached to the players, the whole setup is revealed, with video segments showing rehearsals and such.

Reality TV Producers - PREDATOR!:

A bunch of reality show producers are taken and dropped off in the jungles of South America. Armed only with duct tape and mousetraps, they are hunted by whatever carnivorous wild critters can be rounded up and dropped into the area. Last producer still alive wins the prize.