Reality Television and SAG

Do the participants in reality television shows (Survivor, Big Brother, The Bachelor, etc.) qualify for membership in the Screen Actor’s Guild?

Phew I’m just glad to know this topic was about Reality Shows and not SAGging breasts.

According to the SAG:

There is a similar requirement for bit players.

So if the reality show’s producers are an SAG signatory, the people in it are eligible. However, I don’t believe reality show producers are required to be a signatory.

Thanks for the info, RealityChuck. I didn’t know about SAG signatories, so that helped me find some better information. Still, the best I could come up with was an article from 2001 stating that at that time Survivor wasn’t a SAG signatory (though Who Wants to Be a Millionaire now is). The same article said that Survivor has a staff that includes script writers, and argued that it should become a signatory.

Do you have any idea if there’s a list somewhere of shows that are a part of SAG? I checked their official site, but it looked like you had to be a card-carrying SAG member to get to the good stuff on the site.