Reality TV: When will people stop caring?

Foremost, how is it possible that a group of women can follow some pseudo-millionaire without ever hearing a TV or radio ad plugging how the whole thing is fake?!?! How stupid can these women be??? Can anyone explain this? The only POSSIBLE answer is that they are PAID to be act like it’s “reality”! What a crock of feces!

After that, the only thing more stupid IS the people in the TV audience feeding the fire for these STUPID shows!!! Will the general audiences ever wake up to demand TV as we knew it?

Pardon me, but…Cheese ‘n’ Rice, people! Put your gray matter to good use, or donate it to a worthy cause at the door!

Good Mornin’ America! Let’s wake up and smell the coffee!

  • Jinx

People are stupid and petty and like seeing people even more stupid and petty than they are so they can feel better about themselves.

Remember the explosion of daytime talk shows a few years back. People eventually got sick of them and now there are only a few on the air. Eventually, people will reach their saturation point. What’s scarey is what will come next.


I don’t see the draw of those shows. If I wanted to watch something real, I’d watch the news. If I wanted to watch something fake, I’d watch a sitcom.
In answer to your question, not soon enough!

Some of us never cared in the first place!

I never saw the “millionaire” show, but all those reality shows are taped well in advance of the first airing. That explains why the public discussion does not affect the “players.”

The popularity of the reality shows continues to puzzle me. I don’t claim to be an arbiter of good taste, but I prefer to see good actors performing scripted material.

If you don’t like these shows, you don’t have to watch them.

Yes, it is true that we don’t have to watch them, but when they’re on ALL THE TIME and EVERYONE is talking about them ALL THE TIME it is kinda hard to escape from them.

A great bumpersticker I have says, “Survive this: Reality isn’t on TV”.

I started a thread on “Hot or Not”, one of ABC’s realtiy shows. They’ve gone from being annoying as hell to being just plain dangerous for society.

I never started caring - does that make me a trail-blazer??

Ummm…They taped it in advance. In France. That is what happened. There was nothing about Joe Millionare on the TV or radio until after the show was finished taping.


Way to insult millions of people because they find different things entertaining then you. Perhaps you should be in charge of what is allowed on the TV.


Do you ever watch TV? Movies? Read a book fiction book? Why do you get to decide who is stupid just because of the entertainment they enjoy?

People will stop caring when they run out of ideas and everything is just sequels. But since it’s such a large genre with such a fluid definition, that’s not going to happen soon.

Individual reality TV “sub-genres” do come and go. Where were the talent shows a year ago? There wasn’t a single one on the air. This summer there will probably be five of them on. In contrast, some types of shows have managed to burn themselves out. Prime-time game shows, for example. Don’t see many of those anymore.

Finally, think about this: when will people stop caring about one-hour television dramas?

Good advice, and I agree. Unfortunately, simply not watching them doesn’t remedy the fact that these shows take up airtime slots that had once been used for better shows. In particular this rant is aimed at daytime TV, in which many of my favorite game shows were squeezed out by talk shows, which in turn have been supplanted by “Judge _____” shows.

I don’t watch much prime time TV as it is, but I do find the current glut of “reality” shows revolting and I would like to see more of the prime time game shows make a comeback.

I’m with FCM. I’ve never cared about them and have never watched any of them. IMHO it’s the “dumbing down” principle working at its best.

Better shows like sitcoms? Huh?

If they were better shows and more people watched them then they would still be on the air.

Add me to the list of those who never gave a rat’s ass to begin with.

I also never cared. Given the huge following to these shows in my office, and my derisive feelings towards reality tv, I will never hang my head in shame for enjoying Stargate SG:1, Star Trek, even the occasional Voyager episode (ok, all the eps with Jeri Ryan)

I was an angry anti-reality T.V. ranter until I got into Tough Enough…and then the It Factor…and then this season of American Idol…and then My Life Is A Sitcom…and even the final two episodes of Joe Millionaire.

One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that many of the people I talk to are already over reality shows, while I’m just getting started. Some of the people who watched the first few seasons of Survivor, or the first season of American Idol are no longer interested. So maybe it’s new blood like me that’s keeping the shows alive. As SmackFu said, the genre may have some staying power because it’s so large and diverse, but eventually it will find its level and be just one more entertainment option.

Remember when Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? was on on four times a week and game shows were about to completely take over primetime? When was that – a year ago?

Reality shows aren’t going to destroy America any more than the use of racist language on All in the Family, or nudity on NYPD Blue, or whatever they’re showing on cable now did.

Give it a few months…I’m sure we’ll find something new and exciting to vent about.

Sadly, there are a couple of reasons reality shows will stick around longer than most of us would like.

Firstly, they are dirt cheap to produce, in comparison to a sitcom or drama. Reality shows cost practically nothing and get huge ratings.

Secondly, as it was pointed out on a talk show recently, these shows are a form of communal entertainment. You have to watch them “live”, with friends, to have the full effect of being there. As much as I hate them, I can see how a small group of 20somethings could get together, have drinks and watch it together and make snide comments. Almost sounds like fun.

And lastly, these shows are usually one-shot deals. You know there are only going to be x amount of episodes. You don’t have to worry about plot, talent or “reality” in a reality show…it is mindless voyeurism…and if I am not mistaken, people-watching has been popular since day one.

I agree the phase will pass. As mentioned, talk shows came and went, game shows came and went, westerns came and went - soon a new craze will hit and all the networks will follow the lead.

There are still more sitcoms and dramas than reality shows on TV right now. The problem is that most TV sitcoms suck ass. Reality shows feed into the desire for something different, something that doesn’t involve bad actors delivering stale jokes while a canned laugh track roars its approval. A lot of reality tv is also stupid, but it’s a different kind of stupid, and some of it is genuinely interesting.

Me, I love trashy reality dating shows. Listening to some jackoff explain to a girl why his job as a carpet salesmen makes him more sensitive than other guys is pure comedy gold.

People will stop caring when reality TV stops being so entertaining. I am a new convert to the genre. I started with Joe Millionaire, and am now all hooked into American Idol. At this point, I think it’s way more fun to watch something that isn’t scripted. I don’t care how good a writer is, he couldn’t come up with something as funny as “Do you know who I am? I’m JUANITA, and I can sing!” It’s really the same reason I started watching baseball. Unexpected stuff happens.

And as DMark said, “people-watching has been popular since day one.”

And we have had “reality” shows all along, haven’t we? Candid Camera, anyone?