Reality TV writers want to unionize

I’m shocked – shocked! – to discover that there are writers – ununionized writers – behind the scenes of my beloved reality TV shows.

My goodness, this is dreadful.

Paris & Nicole’s antics were dreamed up in some sweatshop in Burbank. Is nothing sacred?

I’m shocked to discover that there are writers. Isn’t the whole point of reality TV that there are no writers?

I say they shouldn’t be allowed to join the union until they write a better ending for my Beloved Dolphin Boy from the last season of “Survivor.” Harumph.

Irony, you are a cruel mistress. If I remember correctly, reality television got a big leg up when the TV writers went on strike. The networks then quickly shifted towards shows that didn’t require “writing”.

I’m suprised. I didn’t think there were writers.

Now that I know this, I feel that they should be sent to Gitmo until they start writing better. Make them cry by telling them that Banana rats are higher on the food chain then them.