Really bad subtitles

Seriously, “Even electronic brain pancake crystal elderly”? That’s not even trying.


While the subtitles in your OP are awesome (in a surreal sense), the following was better:

“it is full of the my sweat from my manly dedication”

I am now going to work “sweat from my manly dedication” into my vocabulary.

“I must dump as badly as I can.”

bwhahahahahahaha! Thank you, whoever translated that.

And I shall never again sweat with a straight face. So many great subtitles, and even the US of A natives can contribute.

In the Fox Film Noir of The Dark Corner (Wikipedia page), private investigator Mark Stevens is looking at paintings in an art gallery. The saleswoman (Eloise Hardt?) points out to him a portrait of a busty woman – “Maybe you’d care for something like this” – who is all but falling out of her dress. Judging from the portrait’s expression, she just had a very satisfying experience.

Private investigator, per the subtitles: “Uh-uh. I don’t think so. She looks like she’s been stuffed with capon.” [Uh…that’s “kapok”.]

I don’t think anything can beat the time an Israeli TV station translated Christian Slater.