Really big money

According to , there is a $1,000 bill (with the face of Salmon P. Chase on it). But somewhere, I think it was the Guinness Book Of Records, I read that, for purpose of inter-bank transactions, even $1,000,000 bills have been printed, some dozens of which are still circulating (there is a Mark Twain tale about a note like this, btw). Is this true? Does anyone know more about it?

I think you missed a zero, there.

But no, ten thousand – for bank transactions like you described – is the highest-ever denomination of U.S. currency.

The largest denomination was the $100,000 with a portrait of Wilson. From the Treasury Dept. FAQ:

None of them ever circulated outside Federal Reserve banks. $10,000 was the largest bill in open circulation.

I got curious enough to dig up a picture:

Of course, for REALLY big money, you have to go to the Island of Yap in the Pacific Ocean :smiley: