Really cool gift idea

My husband has developed a fondness for vintage things and then he got a great idea, getting his mother something vintage from the year and month she was born so he went to ebay and searched for “vintage 1948” and found an issue of Ebony (yes, she’s Black so it’s pertinent) from the March of 1948, when she was born and then he found me a beautiful bangle bracelet in white gold engraved with my birth year.

Very cool idea I think.

Yeah, that is fun! Especially for someone who seems to have everything or is hard to buy for. I’m sure your MIL would never think to buy something like that for herself!

I did a similar thing for my friend’s 40th birthday. Except I didn’t get him a thing from his birth year - I found a toy from when he was a kid. I asked his mom what sort of toys he liked and she gave me some ideas, then I went to the local Retro Toy Shop and got him an Evil Keneval playset. He thinks it’s totally rad :slight_smile:

Although, the old magazine thing sounds even more cool - I think I will do that for my dad’s next birthday!

Ebay is the hit for this stuff! My brother owns a 1963 Dodge Dart, our grandmother had the same year and model. I just found an ad for it, $8 with shipping, that I’ll frame for him and found a Ladies Home Journal from my mother’s birth month and year.

Thanks for replying! I thought I was on everybody’s ignore! :smiley: