Really, crying when they fire you is sooo undignified.

Uh, well, I don’t see how anybody can work for an employer that doesn’t value your own hard work and opinions on other employees. It’s just a job, not like a means to privde yourself or family with food, rent, or anything like that.

Sure, pit someone for being a craptastic worker, but for crying when fired?

Have you tried having a really impressive rack? I hear that’s sometimes very effective.

Am I the only one that read the OP title as:

Really, crying when you’re on fire is sooo undignified.

No? Just me?

Because I recommend starting that thread next.

Considering how much money I’m currently making I’d prolly bawl my eyes out. On the other hand if I had an inkling that I was lazy and incompetent I’d prolly quit, but thats just me.

Heh. Define “on fire” Chastain86 :wink:

OK…no more wandering into other territory for now…in regards to the OP :

I have never been fired (knock wood :)) but I can see how a strong emotion might bring tears if you were not expecting it in which case I would try to excuse myself and GET SOME CONTROL and then come back and finish the interview…never let 'em see you cry.

Hmmm…I’m wondering if the nice rack comment was really meant for this particular employee? If that is the case and this little chick is accustomed to using the wrong attributes to succeed in the workplace she needs to find out that doesn’t cut it. As a boss I could handle occasional tears, but would be hard pressed to handle someone standing around while others work and expecting it to be a-ok because they are easy on the eyes.

I have had to fire a few employees and it is something I have always taken very seriously, usually giving people the benefit of doubt if there is any doubt at all that they need to go. Usually in a probationary period documentation is less important and the employee can be terminated on basis of a “no fit” with the organization or attitude. Sounds like maybe her tears and begging may have weakened your boss’ reslove to let her go.

I hate you are in this situation CrazyCatLady , having one bad apple in the work environment can make it really lousy for the people actually doing the job well. Maybe you and your co-workers can start some impromtu delegating of your own. …keep her hopping. If she is really lazy and starts having to work she may just leave.

Good luck…here’s to reclaiming your workplace…begin the revolution!


What an interesting article. Thanks for posting the link. Describes this person’s behaviour completely.

Hmmm…Are you sure you could get another job quickly? Do you have enough savings to pay the bills for some months if you don’t? Do you have a SO who could pay them?
I can see a lot of reasons why people would rather stay in a professionnal environment where they aren’t appreciated rather than being fired. Being able to pay a rent being an important one.

Nah, honey, if a part-time scooping shit for 6 or 7 bucks an hour is the best your rack’ll get you, it ain’t all that impressive and you really ought to consider implants. Besides, she tends to wear really tight tank tops before she puts on her scrubs, and I’ve seen better. Frankly, I’ve got better. It just seemed like a funny suggestion for Otto, what with him being a guy and all. Man-boobs can be impressive, but almost never in a good way. :slight_smile:

We’ve tried the delegation trick. After a conversation with our head tech where I was told that they were counting on me to keep her busy, you better believe I started delegating stuff for her to do. If you give her a short, very specific list of basic tasks (say, walk Fluffy, Fido, and Prince), it’ll get done, and sometimes she’ll even document the walks on the chart. It’ll take her a ridiculous amount of time to do it, but it will get done and it will be pretty much done right. Longer lists (say, five items), more amorphous tasks like “there are walks due this hour, do them”, and things that are marginally more complicated like moving a surgery dog to ICU and recovering him are just hopeless. She’ll get part of it done just fine. But she won’t finish it, or she’ll finish it and only half of it will be done correctly.

She doesn’t seem unwilling to do things you ask her to do, really. If you ask her to walk a dog, or go get something, or check someone out, or put down her Poptart and come hold a dog so it won’t chew your arm off while you do its treatments, her response is always, “Oh, yeah, sure,” and she’s pretty good about here-and-now tasks like that. But when you get into beyond the next five minutes, or seeing things that need to be done, it turns into a hellacious mess.

Clairobscur, given the current job market, yes, I think I could find another job pretty quickly. You have to keep in mind that she’s working part time in a place that doesn’t really pay all that well. Since just about every convenience store and fast food joint I see is advertising for help, it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a job with similar wages, where they were willing to give you more hours and you didn’t have to clean up poop, blood and vomit.

I first read about it here, a year or so ago. It’s a pretty common cite on these boards; if I hadn’t posted it, somebody else would have. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t make it any less cool, though.