Really freaky things that've happened to you right after seeing a horror movie...

Late tonight I watched Wes Craven’s They. I thought it was a pretty good film. Had some good creepy moments and scares. Well, after the flick I was just chilling there smoking and playing on my computer. About a week prior I had to use a plastic patio chair to climb into my bedroom when I’d gotten locked out. Well, there I was dinkin on the computer when I heard quite loudly through the music I was listening to the sound of something big scrambling into and out of the chair right at my window, right next to where I was sitting. I swear, my blood turned to ice. In a complete, I grabbed a knife and a flashlight to go out and see what was at my window - it was my cat.

Anyone else have any hardcore creepy moments they’ve experienced after watching a horror movie? Freaky coincidences and stuff like that…

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Well, after watching The Ring I started to turn off all the lights in the house. It was late and I was getting ready to go to sleep. Walking to the bedroom in total darkness my phone started to ring. I stared at the general direction of the phone then stared at the TV. I decided against answering and briskly walked into my bedroom and dove under my blankets.

Once after going to a free screening of The Lawnmower Man 2 I was given free ticket to see Barb Wire.


The day after I saw the Blair Witch Project, I got lost walking in the woods… only for about 10 or 15 minutes, but it was kind of creepy when I realized I’d taken the wrong path and didn’t know where I was.

True Story:

Also while I was watching The Ring, my phone started ringing. I reluctantly answered, and who was on the other end. . .?
A car salesman from whom I took a test drive a day before. The horror! The horror!

Not me, but I had loaned a friend a copy of The Ring. I knew about when he had started watching it, so right after it was over, I had a friend of mine call him up and do the “7 days” spiel.

End result… he came over and demanded to spend the night.

We found a bag of weed in the parking lot after watching Up In Smoke!

The horror!

The road was flooded on the way home…we didn’t know it at the time…all we saw was police lights pointing both directions. Looked like a roadblock. We threw the bag out the window.

Oh the humanity!

After Blair Witch :

Came home, parked my car in back, and started walking towards the house. Saw that my basement light was on through the window. Chilled my spine.

The next second I realized, of course, I had absentmindedly left it on before I went to see the movie, but I wasn’t expecting it…

Got in the house, checked the basement – esp. the corners – then went upstairs.

My bedroom door was closed. That I knew was open before I left.

Of course, the windows were open, and a draft had come along at shut the door (common in my 50-year-old home).

Those 50-year-old house creaks and bumps didn’t help when trying to sleep later that night.

I went to see Aliens with my family when it came out. I’d driven down to meet them at the theater.

I had some boxes and papers and stuff in the back of the car. As I started to pull out of the parking lot, some of the papers blew up a little. All I saw was a flicker of motion in my rear-view mirror, but for a microsecond I knew that one of those monsters was in the car with me and I was about to die a horrible death.

I got over it and laughed though.

After seeing The Ring, we came home very late and snapped the tv on for a few minutes before going to bed. As soon as we turned it on the screen got all snowy but there was no sound. I really thought I was going to soil myself.

Something about Alien…

I saw Alien with my brother in Miami (summer '79?).
Had quite a few beers afterwards.

I crashed over his apartment and was sacked out on the couch.
His apt. was ground floor and faced a parking lot. It was windy that night. I took off my glasses and layed down and heard something at the window.
With my blurry vision I looked out and swore that the Alien was slinking around outside the window. Could it have been the shadows from the trees outside that were being tossed around by the wind… or the beer?:slight_smile:

Either way I couldn’t sleep for an hour.

Freaky thing I did to someone who just watched a horror movie.
I was working in a movie theatre that was showing Nightmare on Elm St… A woman kept coming out to the lobby as she was not really enjoying the film. I struck up a conversation with her and her young teenage niece talked her into bringing her to see this movie. So I convinced her to play a trick on her niece. The pay phone for the theatre was near the ladies room. So after getting the girls name from her aunt this is what happend to her. She walks out as the credits roll and she and auntie go to the bathroom. As they get there the phone rings and the aunt tells her niece to answer it. She does and she hears me speak my best Freddie voice “Don’t go to sleep Karen”. She was totally freaked out. Shaking and pale she and her wandered by the concession stand and the aunt got her to say what happened. Then of course we all fell out laughing at her.

This btw was a copy of a joke played by a different person who after a particular film would call the lobby phone and say “have you checked the children?”

The first time I watched the Blair Witch Project was on a rented video, on a portable tv/vcr combo, in a tent, in the woods behind my house, camping with my best friend, after dark.

That’s a bad place to watch that movie.

My area has bears and many deer living in the woods, and one of them must have been wandering around, because we kept hearing the crash of the underbrush being stepped on. Bad night.

It’s not a horror movie but…

Driving home after seeing Jurassic Park I drove past a field that I had passed many times before. It is a mostly open grassy field with a scattering of tannish (probably sandstone) boulders strewn about it.

However this time when we approached, for just a split second I saw the boulders as a herd of those medium sized dinosaurs (were they duckbill’s?) that run across the open field early in the movie. Cool.

I first saw The Birds at a Hitchcock festival about 25 years ago. Big theatre, midnight showing, we were maybe only ten people in the audience. Movie was over and they let us out to the alley and as I turn around and walk towards my car, a seagull swoopes down towards my face. I had a date and am happy to this day I didn’t crap myself. She was facing the other way, shouting to a friend, so she didn’t se the seagull and couldn’t understand what I was screaming about.

A couple of years later, me and friend Ed arranged a screening of Poltergeist at this small, liberal arts, christian college, where we went to school. Most of the students had never seen the movie but we gave them something to remember. This was for Halloween, and we showed the movie in the auditorium. The weather was perfect, windy, drizzly, cold. We didn’t need to blackout the auditorium. So when the tree is trying to grab the kid through the window, we where standing outside, beating on the on a window to the auditorium with a big branch. When the chairs move around in the kitchen, we pulled a chair with some thin fisking line across the stage.

After the movie, they ahd to go through the live haunted mansion with fake blood, bones from the butcher’s shop and voodoo altar with chicken feathers. That didn’t help the poor things sleeping well that night.
We had to see the principal the next day.

I got home from seeing The Ring fairly early, so I decided to watch Law & Order. The Ring was a good movie. Not that scary, but I did jump a few times. When Law & Order was over, I turned off the television. Right after it turned off, the phone rang. I jumped so high. Then, I was rather angry at myself for jumping.

I took my GF to see ‘Grizzly’ – basically ‘Jaws’ set in the woods, with tents instead of boats. Pretty scary, especially since we both lived out in the country and bears were not at all unheard of. Just the month before a bear had broken into a trailer home less than a mile from her house.

So the movie’s over, and we are driving home. We come to a stoplight on the edge of the suburbs, when all hell breaks loose – pounding and rocking of the car, lights flashing, yelling. I just punched it and ran the light, drove like a bat out of hell, heart racing, seriously freaked out. When we stopped in front of the market in the next town, I was shaking.

Turns out it was just a friends little brother and his sidekicks who recognized my car and wanted to have a little fun. Mrs. danalan still tells that story, about how white I was. I still don’t find it funny.

Not a horror film, but one night after watching The X-Files, I walked down to the corner market, and on the way I saw a guy wearing a pink bunny outfit. It was November.

When I got home, a roommate and a couple of his buddies were hanging on out on the porch. I told them, “I just saw a guy in a pink bunny suit walking down 24th Street.” The two buddies looked at each other, high-fived, and shouted in unison, “Newman’s back in town!”

Moral: Never walk around the West Campus neighborhood of Austin after watching The X-Files.

After seeing Signs, I was fine, until I went to bed. I was staying at a friends house, and from the couch, I could see the roof through the atrium. Well, her brother thought it would be funny to climb on the roof, make lot of noise, and when I woke up, all I could see was his outline on the roof!!! I woke the house that night!

Also, after seeing Poltergeist III, I went to my aunts house, where her bedroom absolutley matched the one Carol Anne stayed in! :eek: Right down to the mirrors. I did NOT sleep in there, and I still won’t.
(not that Poltergeist III was that scary, but you know what I mean.)