Really, Nava, how could you??

Clearly, Nava has had some moral lapse. Really, did you think no one would sniff out your outrageous lies???

(I know it’s not our Nava, because then the stories would have been funny.)


Bad Nava! Bad!

Now I’ll have to find a cite to demonstrate that, being an owner of boobs, THIS Nava could never be called Francisco… sheesh…

(I didn’t even know it was a lastname, I chose it as a shortening on “Navarra”, my homeland)

Do you really expect us to believe that fantastic story? Boobs? Homeland? Pah! Nonsense, I say.

I’m sure a boy poster will be along soon to call for a ‘cite’ on the boob presence. The Nava in the story was a **real ** boob, though, wasn’t he?

…Are we guys really that predictable around boobs?

I’d say your boobs and mine are nicer and more intelligent.


Nava (our Nava) – Cite, please? :slight_smile:

Like clockwork, I say.

Somebody had to do it… I mean, you’d be soooooo disappointed if one of us didn’t!

I used to work with a Francisca.

I used to work with a Francisca Franca, but she’s dead.

I was struck by your use of the word “owner.” Made me wonder, are they bolt-on or bayonet-mount?

It’s hard to tell for sure, what with the player wearing a hockey uniform and all, but I’d guess that the Francisco in the photo here has boobs.


Waiting impatiently. :dubious:

I admit that when I first read the article, I couldn’t figure out “Nava '09.” What is that, a user name or something? It took a minute to realize that it was referring to his graduation year.