Really serious about taxes...


This is freakin funny. Where the hell did you hear of this?!?

So, I see 2 ways this could go.

  1. Kansas is looking to legalize, even partially, some drugs. By establishing a taxable commodity, and receiving funds for such, the state by default legitimizes it. They aren’t taxing hookers.

  2. The bullshit (yes, it’s bullshit) argument that they won’t know who’s picking up the tax stamps! :eek: The state offices don’t have cameras in the offices? The drug teams won’t be sniffing around to see who’s buying these? On the other hand, if you’re dumb enough to go pick them up, I hope you get caught. Don’t lead the cops to the 50 hour a week laborers that smoke a little instead of getting stinking drunk at the bar.

Oh, more than 2.

  1. Can anyone ever honestly say that a vice tax isn’t set up for the express purpose of generating revenue for the state? This is the forst cite for that argument.

  2. (Most likely) Kansas is going “Capone” on drug dealers. Meaning no matter what the charge is for possession, nor the amount in possession, the state can nail them to the wall on tax evasion.

I guess this is insure that the drugs aren’t stale. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure this has been around for a while, even nationally, and this is exactly why. People apparently do buy them for stamp-collection-type purposes, but it just gives you another way to bust drug dealers.