Really weird Christian testimonies?

There is a talk radio station that is left on for background chatter to help with sleep, they have a lot of Christian programming in the middle of the night.

Several times I have heard these long monologues that claim to be testimony from a Christian about satan or demons, they include really bizarre stuff, googling some of the phrases I found that it appears to be parts of a book? Here is the exact words that are read on the air:

There are other long hours long monologues(from the same book?) about this underwater metropolis, and another about a guy getting seduced by a hot chick in the city and it turns out she is a satan worshipper with an apartment full of human blood and body parts and she has satan worshipping parties etc etc.

And no I don’t live in Africa(most of the stories are set in Nigeria) is this like the fringest of the fringe Christian belief or what?

First I’ve heard of it, but it looks to be a fringe belief.

While it seems strange compared to run of the mill vanilla Christianity, from my perspective there is little difference.

Maybe, although it does make tangible, falsifiable claims.


The main bit about the existence of underwater cities. This can be verified or otherwise using a submarine - whereas if I claim that Jesus gave me an inner sense of peace, you pretty much have to take (or leave) my word for it.

  • that is, unless they’re supposedly ‘under the sea’ in some sort of intangible, spiritual sense, like heaven is ‘up there’ somewhere.

Sorry, my “which” was meant to mean christianity or undersea Cousteau-anity.:wink:

Ah, I see. Well, hopefully that clears it up in any case.

There is a whole industry of fake ex-occultists-turned-Christians. The one who had the longest shelf-life was a fellow named Mike Warnke, who compared to others had a rather bland testimony as a High Priest over 1500 Satanists. He had a brilliant delivery, a great sense of humor & a compelling story- too bad the latter was almost completely fabricated, as was revealed by a couple of Christian investigative reporters who were hoping to confirm his story. Others include John “Lance Collins” Todd, ex-Grand Druid for the Illuminati; Doc Marquis- who seems to have plagiarized Todd’s story & built on it;
Albert “ex-Jesuit” Rivera; Dr. Rebecca Brown & her rescued “ex-witch Elaine”; William Schnoebelen “ex-EVERYTHING”; Zeph Daniels- (I can’t begin with him…)

Btw, Todd, Rivera, Brown & Schnoebelen have all worked with our favorite comic writer- Jack T. Chick.

I just read a bit of the OP’s site.

Who says there can’t be Lovecraft-Christian mashups? L