Really whacked email scam

["]Wow]({“10150936741001237”:10151126447171327}&action_type_map={“10150936741001237”:“og.recommends”}&action_ref_map=[) … a ‘hitman’ hired to kill you and threatening to arrange your death in a bizzare sex game unless you pay him. :eek::dubious::smiley:

I can not believe anybody would take this seriously … wonder if anybody is going to play him on that website that people post their pranking back the spammers.

Would by absolutely funny to string them along as if they actually were into beastiality and wanting to meet up with their horse:D

Wow, SMERSH wants ME killed?! That is soooo flattering! I had no idea I was important enough.

Too bad I’m not important enough to have the money to buy off assassins.

I saw what you did there.

Does that mean Henry will dance the waltz with you before he beds you down? And who’s the beneficiary of this scam? Is it Mr. Kite?

I’ve seen hitman scams before, but the horse angle is a new one on me.

(Also, shame on them for not including a picture of the certificate of assassination).

I was rather disappointed at the lack of pictures :frowning:

I am sort of hoping to get this one, if so I might play along - I can send back pictures of geese and sheep, and if I get my roomie to run over to the farmer down the road I can get some cow and goat pictures to send back! :smiley:

I wonder if the assassin insists his name be pronounced Te-ah-tim-eh?

Holy… I didn’t notice the name until you mentioned it.

If he has a glass eye, run!

There’s someone claiming responsibility for the more interesting parts; they’re a scam-baiter (someone who strings scammers along and, ideally, gets them to do useless crap to the exclusion of actually scamming anyone) who wanted to make their pitch as idiotic as possible to try and make it impossible for anyone to take it seriously:

So, yes; Te-ah-tim-eh it is, then.

There was a email spam scam I’ve seen where a email comes from a hushmail address(encrypted free webmail) saying if you don’t send three thousand dollars via western union to the info included they will report you to DEA and FBI as being a drug smuggler and you will be arrested.:rolleyes:

Yea because we all know all it takes is random anonymous emails to get put away as a drug kingpin.

I actually saw a woman post that she was crying and shaking and upset and she wanted to just send the money to stop worrying.:smack: That is why people bother with these scams.

Certificate of Membership of the Guild of Assassins of Ankh Morpork? Now I really need to see a photo.

Bad Horse!

Okay, I found one assassin certificate from another of his characters… ah, 419eater, what a fun place that was.

"In my line of work it’s best not to ask questions of a man with a dueling scar and a white cat. "

You know something? Even if it is spam, that’s darn good advice to live by!