Warning: Don’t go to that site.

Limited searches are coming up on google for this virus that loads itself through this website. I need to get rid of it, but I’m not sure how. The sites I get aren’t very helpful. I’m thinking maybe the virus blocks google searches? Any tips?

According to this thread, the realphx website provides instructions for removing the virus.

And you trust them?

The fix is to 1) edit the registry and remove all keys that reference the file “av.exe” and 2) reboot and delete the av.exe file.

Alternative: boot into DOS, find av.exe (it’s supposed to be in the root directory) and delete it. You can then remove the file at your leisure.

In both cases, you’ll have to fix your bookmarks and start page.

Further alternative: figure out when you got the virus and do a system restore at the first restore point before then (first notice seems to be around 10/10, so you can use that as a start).

What if it never altered my start page or bookmarks or AIM profile? I still deleted all the av.exe references in the registry I could find. How do I know if I still have it?