Realtime Listing of Active Users

Some other boards have a listing of users on the site at that moment, such as “Active Now: 250 [List of People (or) Link to List]”

Does Discourse have this option?

Click on the the hamburger menu at the top ( ☰ ), and then on About. At the bottom is a table of site statistics.

Also see Users on the the hamburger menu. You’ll get a list of users in a chosen time period that you can sort in various ways.

Huh. That page lists four admins.

I was thinking more of an in the moment “who’s online” list

Why would you need it? This is not a chat board.

Interesting. Any idea about user vs active user?

I think it means new users vs. active users.

It currently shows 107 new users in the last 30 days – which makes me wonder if we really have a problem with membership.

I would be curious to know whether that’s a “raw” number of all new profiles, or if it sensibly filters out all the profiles that were automatically identified as spammers due to systemically recognized behavior or manually flagged by moderator action. Seems to me there’s likely to be a fair proportion of spammer activity that we just never know about because the board is catching them before they become visible.