Rear Speaker Options

So…I just moved into my new apartment and have a surround sound question. I have a pretty good surround sound setup as is, but as I was setting it up in the new place I wondered if there was away to get rid of the wires running to the rear speakers. In the old place I was able to run them along the wall, but that won’t work here. As of right now, I’m going to run the speaker wire a few feet from under the TV to a area rug and from there to where they need to go. BUT I was wondering if anyone knows of GOOD wireless speakers that work for surround sound. I saw some wireless speakers at Best Buy, but it’s not really what I’m looking for. Anyone know of anything better???

Joey P,

This question came up a little while back. The consensus seems to be that GOOD and WIRELESS are mutually exclusive.

There will be some coming out in the next year or two (new wireless standard), but for now, they pretty much suck.

Better option is to use flat cables under the rug/carpet.

That’s what I figured! Thanks