rear view mirror doodads.

inspired by this:

whats the best think you’ve seen hanging off a rear view mirror?

I used to have a small alligator’s head hanging from my rearview mirror. When I was pulled over by a cop for a broken headlight, he politely (and without any hesitation or comment on the oddity of the item) asked me to remove it from the mirror, which I did.

I have a disco ball hanging from my rear-view. It’s pretty sweet.

I used to have a little air freshener hanging from the mirror that was a little ceramic jar that you filled with scented oil and put a cork in. It absolutely STANK of vanilla. People used to get in the car and say

“Is that an air freshener?” (duh)

(me)“No, that’s Grandpa. His ashes are in there.”

I have a dream catcher hanging from my mirror . It doubles as an air freshner pretty nice.

I used to have the littel Hohner Pocket Pal harmonica hanging from my rear-view.

Now it’s the little three-eyed alien from Toy Story. He originally was a light-up keychain. The ironic thing is that I haven’t yet seen either Toy Story movie.


Apparently, it’s considered very cool to have large, fuzzy dice hanging in your airplane. We tried to hang dice from the mirror in ours, but they wouldn’t let us. So now they hang above the “Current Weather” indicator in the crew lounge.

That is to say, they hang above the window.

I have a jingly Chinese “tranquility” ball hanging from my rearview mirror. Its purpose is to calm the mind, soothe the body, and promote an aura of peacefulness.

Sometimes I notice it before laying on the horn or giving any number of hand gestures to the other drivers around me. :slight_smile: