Reasonable battery for solar kit to run laptop

I have a thread here

It seems the new question is ‘what is a good reasonable battery to store power?’

I’m interested in opinions on what battery I should purchase. I’ve decided I need a deep cycle battery. I’d like the cost of the battery to be less than $200. My goal is to work off grid for as long as possible before I have to plug into wall power. My hope is that I can get enough power from a solar kit that I can be self sufficient, (can also recharge when driving).

So, What suggestions can you give me for a battery?

Buy a new battery for your laptop. If possible a larger type.

my laptop is not serviceable like that, I can’t get an extra battery. It was my first choice, but upon inspection…nope. bummer

Do a Google or Amazon search for “notebook power banks” (and here is a review of these products). Some are available from the notebook manufacturers. I know Dell sells ones meant for its computers and the other brands may as well.

unfortunately, I’m not finding these suggestions terribly appropriate. I will need to charge them off of a solar panel, and it looks like the common practice with energy storage with a solar panel is using a lead acid deep cycle ‘car type’ battery.
My question is, what would be a good car type battery?

I will for sure explore those other suggestions, but would like to get opinions on the more standard 12 volt lead acid battery.

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