Reasons I like the BCS

  1. Its better than the old system, where AP and ESPN polls ruled, where people are forced to choose within sometimes an hour of the game that was played.

  2. A playoff system ala basketball could potentially create many more injuries on a team that already might have had to play preseason games. Football is different from other sports in that one extra game could ruin the career (or make the career maybe) of a player. Its too much of a gamble.

  3. The non championship bowls are not meaningless. They bring money and attention to the programs. Winning a bowl has more emotional value than most people realize, some teams are happy just with going to a bowl. BCS bowls add to the prestige of just going to a bowl.

  4. It would interfere with NFL playoffs. Keeping college football and NFL games seperate is a challenge enough as it is.

  5. Look at the NFL, they have had just as much trouble guessing whos going to the playoffs this season as college football folks have guessed going to BCS bowls.

  6. No, point margin shouldnt matter. Wins should. Some teams are rushing-field position teams that take 7:00 to score and will win every game by at most a 20 point margin. Some teams score quick, and many times the field-posn team can shut down the quick scoring teams offense and win. Id say that field posn team is better than the quick-scoring team.

  7. College football is interesting, in part, because of its byzantine nature, why not add to it with the BCS? I like all the politics and stuff behind having to organize 100+ teams in the same league. Nothing wrong with throwing an extra gear in the system to me, its already that complicated.

  8. Strength of Schedule is a good thing. The SoS ranking weights a teams stats vs whove theyve played. It balances out any criticism that one team is statistically better off than another because of a slack season. Every team cant play every other team in the NCAA, so Sos is a good way to rank things.

  9. In the end its all numbers anyway. If two teams played each other it would come down to two stats: score. Bottom line: if a team is good it will produce numbers. I beleive in stats, because that is the only way to measure a teams performance. If a player says hes good, Ill bring up his stats and compare him to other players. If a player has psychological or motivational assets - those should show up in his numbers or the numbers of players influenced by him. And what worth is a player with heart if you cant see the results anywhere?

  10. This years championship, and many other good BCS matchups.

Well, here is something that I don’t really like about the rankings in college sports period. A #10 team plays a #6 team. The #6 team wins by, oh, 10 points. Well, the number 6 team is supposed to be better, so…shouldn’t they win by 10 points? I mean, when the voters drop the #10 team, all they are saying is, oh shit, we had no idea what we were talking about, our rankings mean nothing.

The fact is that there are so many teams and it is really hard to put them in a specific order. Nobody will ever be fully satisfied with a system in college football. The only way to prove all doubters is to go undefeated, which is kinda nice, ya know?..