how do these people make money by giving full rebates?

one example is

i think that maybe they invest your money and make profit from it and then return it to you…

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Funny you should ask. No I don’t have the answer but I was thinking the same thing today. I bought a set of disks for $15.00 with a rebate for the $15.00. I actually received the check so it wasn’t a rip off.

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They make money because the response rate is so low. I personally have neglected to send in for some of the rebates I’ve been entitled to. One I did send in for ended up being a lot of work, because it didn’t come through and I had to call and send in a copy of what I sent the first time.

It is too clear, and so it is hard to see.

Zen is right. Only one in five people actually mail it in & get a rebate.

If you noticed lots of stuff on the net is free. No mystery. To get a new comp going you often must take the loss. Plus, Im sure they resell your address & email address to telemarketers.

Doesn’t answer the OP, but a friend from work swears by rebates (and coupons). She shops at one of the warehouse stores – says the place abounds with rebate offers.

She never buys something just cuz it’s a bargain. She’s bragged about getting all these checks in the mail – hasn’t been stiffed once.

Very frugal chick. But she spends a lot of time shopping, and watching out for stuff, and filling out forms, and mailing them in, etc. It’d be easier to just get a second job, the energy she puts into it, methinks.

I tried that after reading it here yesterday and it says ‘we are too busy, come back later’

I love my grampa. Really. But he’s a cheap old bastard who will buy it if it’s on sale and prefers beer with names like Pabst Blue Ribbon.

A couple of years ago he bought 2 cases of beer because it was on sale for half price, and with the rebate he ended up making $1.50 on the sale. Of course, he didn’t read the label close enough to realize it was non-alcoholic Old Milwaukee Light.

He’s still trying to give it away :slight_smile: