Rebus. n., pl., -bus·es. A representation of words in the form of pictures or symbols, often presented as a puzzle.

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EDIT: Spoiler-tag your answers, I guess.


Hosni Mubarak (Hoss - Knee - Moo - Barack)

Correct! I thought I’d start the thread with an easy one. Anyway, it’s been in my head for a week and I couldn’t hold out any longer. :wink:

Easy? I did this one a few weeks ago on a challenge from some friends.

Are your friends Cary Grant fans?

Or maybe they’re into textiles?


No, they just were looking for some sort of creative outlet so they come up with a challenge every month and force themselves to meet it. I join in when I think I’ve got a good idea, which isn’t as often as I’d like.

I’ll explain the theme for that challenge once someone posts the answer.

My first thought was ‘Jew-Tee’, or ‘Judy’. But that would be [image of Jewish person] + D. So then I thought ‘Jew-T’, or ‘jute’. Hence the textile reference.

No, but you’re gonna feel like kicking yourself when you get it.

Is reality? (Israeli+T)

I fear that this has more than one correct answer, and that the other answers are ‘wrong’ only because they are not the one the originator has in mind.


We’ll see if you still feel that way once you know the answer.


zagloba’s makes sense, and I can see that one would ‘kick himself’. But I still think there are multiple correct answers.

How do you know the guy’s a rabbi? Not being Jewish, I’m unfamiliar with the vestments.

Yes.[spoiler]That was the challenge; in celebration of the Year of the Rabbit, design a postcard with a rabbit theme. I suppose the joke, such as it was, was that people would already know the answer and then get an image of it in a way that they weren’t expecting. The back of the postcard is here.

Not an issue of vestments, really, but “rabbi” is the best interpretation that makes a word when you add a ‘t’ to the end.[/spoiler]

Ah. Having a theme is what makes the other answers ‘wrong’. Knowing the theme would have helped. Otherwise ‘jute’ is perfectly acceptable. But don’t mind me. It’s just a ‘pet peeve’ of mine. :wink: Good puzzle, knowing the theme.

Any others?

Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 + Pic 4 - F + S

Hint: Song title.

High school Musical?

Greenland Whale Fisheries

Really easy. The ‘hint’ actually made it harder.

You got it.