Reccomend a (UK compatible) Wireless router.

As my ISP gets faster and faster my 802.1b router gets closer and closer to being a bottleneck. I think it already is on some applications. I have friends who are on the same ISP as me who report much better performance doing the same things as me.

I’ve looked on and I am dismayed to see a lot of negative reviews for the TOP range routers. Things like “loses config once a month” and “doesn’t work properly with vista” and “rubbish signal strength” and “needs firmware upgrade even though new”
I’d like to think these people are just idiots and are blaming their own inability to set up their router on the makers, but that’s not necesarily true, they could be telling the truth.

So I was hoping my esteemed colleagues on the SDMB could recommend one to me. Preferably a recent model, price is no object, high speed is essential, configurability is desirable (I don’t want something that will deny me power, such as the ability to open and forward ports)

Netgear 834. I’ve had one (an earlier model) for a couple of years, no bother.

That (or a slightly different model with a ‘G’ in the name) was top of the list on Amazon.