Reccomend me a good quality digital watch

I’ve been wearing digital watches for over 10 years now and I’ve always gone for the cheap, supermarket versions because they’ve served me adequately. When I first started, a $20 digital watch might last me for 3 years before breaking down. Nowadays, with the drop in quality, a $10 digital watch lasts me about 6 months and it’s just not getting economical to keep replacing them anymore.

So does anyone have a reccomendation of a watch brand that is reliable and non gimmicky? I don’t want a big chunk of plastic on my wrist that can do 1 bajillion things. I just want something that can tell the time and date, has an alarm and a backlight.

I had bought my first digital watch in the 80s - an inexpensive Casio 50m water resistant “sports chronograph”. In the late 90s I decided I wanted another watch, and I bought another Casio, one with an EL backlight. The beep on that one failed, and I had saved my older watch, so I went back to it. With a few battery changes, it’s still going.

I couldn’t find that exact model on the Casio site, but the one that resembles it the most is this one.

Depending on why your watches fail, perhaps one of Casio’s G-shock line would last longer.

I second the G-Shock (standard “black” models, not the ones they started making a few years ago with all the extra plastic bits stuck to the front.) At ~$60 for the 200M model I think they’re quite a value and I’ve had the current one for five years. The only problem is that when the resin plastic band breaks you can’t get an OEM band; the only ones I can find are sold under the Timex label and they tend not to fit correctly.

OTOH, I got a kind of cheaper Casio with a sailing timer for regattas, and it fogged up and stopped working, so I took it back and got another…which promptly did the same thing. Grrrr…

On the high end, I like Seiko, and for a gadgety “wrist computer” for various sports you can’t beat Suunto.


Digital watches are pretty neat.