Recent Cubs Game

I was told at a recent (Yesterday?) Cubs game only a handful of Cubs players exited the dugout for the national anthem. Further, a Marine color guard was temporarily blocked from exiting the field by a somewhat unruly crowd. Can anyone confirm the accuracy or inaccuracy of this?

There’s a story at the highly questionable, ultra right Gateway Pundit so take with a grain of salt unless independently confirmed.

I see absolutely no mention of it on the Chicago Tribune’s Cubs page:

I live in the Chicago area, and keep abreast of the local news on a daily basis. Had this actually happened as described in the OP, I have to believe that it would have been all over the news here. I’ve not heard a thing about it, until reading this thread.

I, too, am very skeptical.

I see no mention of it on, either. Given that SI has extensively covered the NFL’s issues with the anthem, and player protests, if the event actually happened, I would have expected to see it here, too.

Edit: I don’t see any mention on, either.

I brought the Gateway “article” to the attention of Snopes. If they deem it worthy of a story, I’m guessing they’ll find the tweeted images are real but not showing what is claimed.

I’m part of two Cubs fan groups on Facebook and follow just about every sports media and blogger on Twitter. No mention at all of the incident

I viewed the Gateway Pundit item. W/regard to the national anthem, there isn’t much that can be gleaned from the one still photo (of four players). There is a video of the Marines attempting to exit. They were blocked, but it doesn’t look to me it was intentional. I hope there is some clarification forthcoming of the national anthem issue.

I’d say, based on what myself and several other posters have already shared with you, it appears to be a non-story, as none of us can find (or are aware of) any mention of it in the major sports media, or the local Chicago press. If you’re looking for more clarification, do a little googling on your own, and see if you can find any mention of it in news sources that aren’t known for having strong right-wing skews.

If you believe anything you read on that trash website, you might want to take a moment to ponder the Straight Dope motto.

That’s a known hoax web site.

Apparently run by Cards fans. :wink:

The national anthem was not broadcast on WGN today. Starting to smell like the NFL. Assuming the Cubs and the Chicago Tribune share common ownership, I doubt you’ll see anything about this in the Tribune. As noted earlier, I believe the “Marine obstruction” claim is bogus. However, I do suspect something relating to the national anthem occurred.

Why do you suspect that? There is no movement in MLB to protest the anthem, and it would drive tons of page views to the big sports sites if it actually happened. Also, Gateway Pundit is literally worthless as a cite. As an example, there was a minor issue in late 2017 that was carried by legitimate news sources (here is one:

The national anthem is almost never broadcast on the networks.

And finally, as anybody who has been to a baseball game knows, it is not at all unusual for many players to not be on the field during the anthem. Some stand in the dugout and many are likely in the clubhouse.

The Cubs haven’t been owned by the Tribune (or been owned by the same parent company) since 2009; they’re now owned by the Ricketts family. Most Cubs games aren’t even broadcast on WGN anymore.

I have no idea if Cubs broadcasts regularly show the Anthem, or not. The fact that you didn’t see it on today’s broadcast could be indicative of absolutely nothing. Have you found any mention of “something relating to the national anthem” occurring in a recent Cubs game from any other news source, beyond Gateway Pundit?

The Tribune sold the Cubs to the Ricketts family in 2009. Tom Ricketts, the team’s chairman, is an investment banker - not a background normally known for radical politics.

I did manage to find comments by Maddon on anthem protests.Look carefully, you’ll see it’s a year old.

Most of the Ricketts family are well-known Republicans, in fact (Tom’s brother, Pete Ricketts, is the Republican governor of Nebraska).

It’s been my experience that the Cubs usually televise the National Anthem during day games, particularly on weekends.

I am 100% certain that had such an event occurred it would have made major news.

The past few days featured news about a controversy about Daniel Murphy and his comments about LGBT issues. The issue was addressed by Laura Ricketts, who is a lesbian. I’m sure a National Anthem protest would have been a far bigger event.

I’d actually find it odd for there to be a Marine presentation of the colors for a random Monday night game.

It looks like other fringe RW outlets have also picked up the so-called story.

one of the Cubs owners, Laura Ricketts, is gay and a big donor to Dems. So maybe this was all her idea. :slight_smile:

If Fox didn’t report on this, then it definitely didn’t happen. They’d be all over this.

I live in Chicagoland, and it would have been all over the ten o’clock news, The Score, and ESPN Sports Radio. There was NOT A WORD of any such occurrence. It appears to be just more bullshit from an extreme source.