Recent Iranian Comments Scare Anyone Else?

Coming from a country bent on entering the clubhouse of nuclear powers, some of the quotes I’ve recently seen attributed to the Iranian administration have me scared something bad might happen.

“Iran’s president, who last October said Israel “must be wiped off the map,” stoked tensions with the Jewish state Friday saying, “the Zionist regime is a dying tree, and soon its branches will be broken down.”” [1]

I don’t like the look of that or Iran’s plans for a nuclear program even one little tiny bit. I saw that quote on CNN this morning and I had visions of MORE military action in the middle east. I so don’t want to see that.

This is in IMHO because I’m polling to see if this worries anyone else and not to discuss the topic.



The Iranian rhetoric doesn’t bother me much, it’s just same ol’, same ol’, but the proposed solutions coming out of our capitol concern me a lot. We need to talk to these people, not just talk about them.

I’m not pleased by any of it, but no, I’m not scared.

Almost everything said by the Iranian President and religious leaders is typical hyperbole. People who take it at literally are making a serious mistake.

Yes. It is the “same ol’ same ol’”, but that doesn’t mean they won’t act on it at some point. Very few took radical Islamic rhetoric seriously before 9/11, even after the first WTC bombing…

From the Telegraph:

Read the whole thing.

And people worry about rumors that Bush wants to bring about Armageddon.

Radical Islamic rhetoric hasn’t changed significantly in the last 40 years, suddenly after 9/11, we’re supposed to take it literally?

Well, up to a point, ***everything ***out of Iran scares me. But not nearly as much as some of the things out of Washington.

I think that when you look at the US record, things like Guantanamo, unprovoked war, supporting and promoting miltary coups, being the only country in the world to have used atomic weapons, McArthysism right up to today with the Patriot Act, and then listen to some of the current rhetoric from the White House, maybe you are looking in the worng direction.

I’m not too sure how many times Iran has projected its power overseas, and its reaction to the Iraq attacks on its own territory by a US backed enemy is not all that surprising.

The US has proven to all governments around the world that either you toe the US line, or you develop nuclear capability, because sooner or later the US will find a pretexts to undermine your government, start some revolution, or if those are not an option, just simply invade and occupy.

This looks like an attack on the US, it isn’t, but its probably how Iran sees things, and given that Iran views the US this way then its likely they will continue down the same road.

The US isn’t very good at ‘Hearts and minds’ stuff but unless the US does take some form of military action its the only option because sanctions won’t stop them I doubt it seriously.

Any talk of a Hidden Imam, or Jesus coming back, scares me for sure. They have put people in special jackets for less nonsense.

What abot the rugs?


Yes, because those pesky Swedes and those naughty Canadians need to be taught a lesson. :rolleyes:

If you are a peaceful stable nation, we have no quarrel with you. Yes, Iran scares the hell out of me. Sept 11 flipped over a rock and exposed a whole bunch of nasty bugs that we didn’t know were there. Iran is just the latest.

And lest you think it’s just the Big Ol’ Bad US spoiling for a fight, may I remind you the UN is also concerned about this?

Look, this is the way they are thinking, its what informs their reasoning, and if we do nt take into account the paranoid manner in which they operate, then we will never get our message across constructively.

Now maybe we need to give them some reason to be less afraid, and less paranoid, the thing about irrational fear is that there is often a kernal of truth in it that then gets distorted.

Iran reminds me of Germany in the early 30s. Charismatic leader? Check. Handy scapegoat? Check. Control of media? Check. Lack of competent opposition? Don’t know, but doubt it. Ahmadinejad needs to be stomped, and stomped hard. Preferably by the Iranians themselves. The presidential election is in 2009, which may be too late.

In five to ten years Iran will probably have nukes. That changes things. And some of us were taking Islamist rhetoric seriously before 9/11.

We who?

We who?

Er, sorry.

In my OP, I was trying to avoid politics to keep this thread from getting locked, but evaluate my OP for values of “something bad might happen” having been “either the US administration or the Iranian one will act a fool and forsake their chances of bloodless conflict resolution”.
I’m every bit as scared of Washington as Tehran right about now.

I don’t blame Iran for going after the bomb. Not in the least bit. Obviously, the US government needs to give them the same deal they gave to North Korea (the sit-down-and-talk-because-we-talk-with-legitimate-governments deal) and hammer out some compromise. Obviously, this compromise is that they can dabble in nuclear power, but it doesn’t get used on Israel (or anyone else). In turn, we recognize them and won’t invade them.

The question is whether or not the administration will swallow the same pill they did when they dealt with North Korea.

Damn you, global instability!