Recent Mention of SDMB at The Hill

I don’t know if this is worthy of asking or not, but a few weeks ago I saw the SDMB mentioned in a comment at The Hill website. Someone asked about a board where real discussions could be had, and SDMB was referenced positively.

Is there any way to know if this led to an influx of new readers/posters? I’m just curious.

There was a bit of a bump in new signups on December 16th, but the bump was small enough to be within the normal random variation in signup totals.

There was a statistically significant bump in signups in mid November, almost double what we usually get. That was the last significant bump in signups.

The bump in mid-November may have been due to the aftermath of the Elections.

Interesting, thanks. I wish I knew a way to search Disqus comments to find it. At the time I wondered about it, but should have come here and mentioned it at the time. In my mind it was about two weeks ago, but honestly, it could well have been November.

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