Recent news story follow-up: Man's conviction overturned, but. . .

Shortly after receiving his freedom, someone was found dead on some property that he owned. I think it was a junk or salvage yard. I couldn’t remember any of the details to get a hit on any of the news websites. I think the guy had been serving a rape conviction (maybe), but DNA evidence (maybe) helped get his verdict overturned. He was sorta stout and had lots of whiskers (as I recall). This was in the past three or four months, I believe. (And I keep thinking it was in California, but again, I can’t be sure.)

I had no idea that prisoners still wore the black and white striped garb. I thought that was only cartoons and The Three Stooges.

Thanks a bunch!

They don’t, in most locations. The prison in which my husband works issues light blue shirts and dark blue pants to the inmates. Some prisons use bright orange. Some allow prisoners to wear their own clothing (with some restrictions, of course.)

I don’t know for a fact, but I have suspicions that the recent revival of the black-and-white-stripes motif has re-emerged in the last few years because of the psychological implications of shame. Make an inmate look like an inmate, in other words.