Recent Stock Market history

Could somebody please direct me to a website which details the exact movements of the NYSE Dow Jones over the past month? My Google-Fu is failing me at the moment.
(I’m specifically seeking the exact day when the Dow moved by +777 points…or maybe it was -777, I don’t recall.)^DJI^DJI#chart2:symbol=^dji;range=3m;indicator=volume;charttype=line;crosshair=on;ohlcvalues=0;logscale=on;source=undefined^DJI

Check Google finance as well. If they and Yahoo! agree, there’s a good chance that they’re actually right.

I think the specific day you want is September 29th. The Dow dropped 777.68. Yhaoo lets you download a spread sheet with the daily close going back to 1928.

Ah, thank you. (I was only looking at the October charts.)

BTW, I’m wondering how many people remember that day? Especially when you consider that 777 = Jesus Christ. (It’s the opposite of 666, basically.) I don’t believe in Christ or any type of Messiah, but I know lots of people do, and when I saw CNN focus on that -777 number, I sat up straight and thought, “Holy shit…IT’S ON!” (As in, “Jesus is on his way, and boy is he pissed!”) And the stock market chaos had only just begun at that point…

This is related to a new novel I’m writing, btw.

And what, pray tell, is the .68 symbolic of?

I dunno. The novel begins with the -777.68 broadcast worldwide, that’s all I got so far. (I’m conflating current events with fictional ones, that’s how the novel is playing out.)

Does .68 mean anything significant to you?

It’s one one-hundredth less than .69, which is the funniest number between zero and one.

Heh…well, this is a fictional novel so it can be any number I feel like making it. :smiley: (Indeed, it makes more sense story-wise to claim “artistic license” change it to +777.77.)

Isn’t the punch line…

.68, it’s just like .69 but I’ll owe you .01!
Ha Ha, I crack myself up.