Recepticle for a Soul

Inspired by the recent thread on horcrux-like devices, what object would you entrust your soul to?

I’m thinking Voyager 2 might be a good one, but access might be a problem, and you certainly wouldn’t want to perform the operation before the rocket was launched.

Also, what would be the worst object to place your soul in? An egg would be pretty bad (Koschei, what were you thinking?), as would a house-plant.

What if Voyager 2 crashes into a comet or something?

I would trust putting my soul in a solid titanium block maybe.

I kinda like the container it’s in now. Could use a little better upkeep, but it’s cozy.

If it had to be something I have access to in case of emergency then I choose the Titanic. It’s always going to be there- getting to it is a bitch but can be done, and if it’s a bitch to me then it is to anybody else.

If it has to be something more specific- hmm… a tusk of of the elephant on display in the rotunda of the rotunda of the National Museum of Natural History. It’s always going to be there, D.C. is not subject to earthquakes or hurricanes and if it is they have all manner of disaster plans (presumably), and I like the notion of something being hidden where millions of people see it each year. (Also considered the telephone held by one of the marble cherubim in the Library of Congress but being a librarian somebody might figure that one out.)

The thread title, incidentally, sounds like a Moody Blues album title ca. 1970.:wink:

How accessible does it have to be. I can’t get to the Titanic, nor to Voyager. Do I have to get at it to reload my soul bit should I need it? Or can I drop a safe and diamond-Horcrux in the Marianas Trench, confident that I’m close enough.

Cyberspace. Not a specific site, the whole nebulous realm of humanity’s collective fantasy. (hmm, good line. I’ll have to find a place to use it). A world straddling the edge of reality would be a perfect place to stow my soul.
Actually, come to think of it, the Internet is very similar in some ways to the religious view of the spiritual world.

Marianas Trench? Piffle!

Would a soul be destroyed by being dropped into a black hole? If not, that would be a good place for it.

If this is like a Horcrux, you don’t have to worry about getting back the fragment of soul. Nobody can get anything out of a black hole, and anything they tried to drop into the black hole would be destroyed.

For preference, the largest black hole in the center of a galaxy that I can find. Black holes evaporate due to Hawking radiation, after all. The black hole at the center of the Milky Way would keep my soul safe for about 10[sup]92[/sup] years.

There’s a scene towards the end of Good Omens in which the demon Crowley

converts himself into electronic pulses and escapes through the phone line

I figure that if/when it’s ever made into a movie this will be updated to cyberspace.