Recharging my iPod in Spain

I’m going to Spain in less than two weeks, and the only thing I’ll need to plug in is the charger for my iPod. Will I need just an adapter, or will I also need a converter/transformer?

You’ll just need an adaptor…

I already have that; it’s only for recharging in the U.S.

World Power Adapter

Worked for me in Prague, Spain - all over Europe.

Look at the info on the adaptor itself. If it says ‘110-240V 50-60Hz’ or similar, then you’re fine with an adaptor only. If it’s definitely only 110V (which would surprise me), then you’ll need to get a European-specific one. There’s no point messing around with convertors for such an inexpensive item, and there’s no need to get an Apple brand one either.

Seconding what GorillaMan says - there’s no need to by the Apple kit for 39 USD. You can get a perfectly good adaptor at the airport for a few dollars/euros and it won’t have six different items to mix up :smiley:

The standard Ipod charger accepts 220/240 volts.