"Recipes" requiring live animals?

Inspired by this thread about cooking live lobsters, I was wondering what other recipes you know of that require live animals, or serve live animals, ala oysters on the halfshell, some octopus stuff, etc.? Is only seafood cooked/served alive? Maybe some insect dishes? Can’t imagine going after an alive mammal. Aren’t some cobras sorta served alive, or at least their blood drained while alive for some kind of beverage? :confused:

Well, cows are milked… while they are alive!!

Not very exciting, is it?

The only thing that comes to mind was the monkey who came to dinner at the end of “Faces of Death,” although that was possibly fake. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, ask or Google it or search at Wikipedia.org.)

I have heard of some spiders being eaten alive.

What about snails? I’ve eaten them, and I know that one was dead, but I’m sure someone just decided to crunch 'em up.

Dunno what els.e

Witchetty grubs are said to be eaten alive by Aborigines. I’m not sure whether this is still practised.


Sometimes the Japanese eat fish which is served live. Sliced, but live.

There’s a kind of Sardinian cheese, casu marzu, served riddled with live maggots.

And let’s not forget gagh!

Remember the medieval goose recipe?

Wow, that would count as an alive mammal, heh. :eek:

. . . Somehow I doubt even a wolf would start chowing down on a deer before the creature were entirely still . . .

Well, every time I’ve had crawfish, they were cooked alive. You can tell which ones were dead before they were boiled, because their tails aren’t curled up. I’ve been told not to eat those, because you don’t know how long they’ve been dead. Ate one by mistake once. Bleech!

Live octopata in Korea! They tend to try to hang on to the inside of your mouth, but that’s half the fun of the dish, really.

[Bud Lite commercial]

WAITRESS: It lay eggs now! Enjoy!

At the risk of being whooshed, geese are not mammals.

Not a recipe per se, but I think of various forms of extracting blood to drink from live cows, snakes, etc. enjoyed by our various neighbors across various seas.

There is at least one sushi-type dish that is served with the animal’s heart still beating. I’ve seen it delivered to tables nearby. I know there must be someone here that can fill in the details.

I’m to first to bring up that scene in “Hannibal”?

On that ‘Ripley’s Believe It Or Not’ show in the 80s hosted by Jack Palance they once showed a dish that was a whole fish pan-seared on each side, yet still flopping around on the plate. (IIRC)

Right-to-lifers-notwithstanding , although unfertilized wouldn’t your average egg be “alive” when cooked.

In his book Good to Eat, marvin Harris describes how chimps eat live termites (you take that stick you’ve inserted into the mound, withdraw it covered with termites, scrape them off between thumb and forefinger so you get a big gob of them in your hand, then throw them into your mouth and chew vigorously. If you don’t, they bite your tongue. Harris’ description makes me suspect he’s tried this himself.

CVertainly people eat insects, as both this bookm and others attest. Normally they’re dead and cooked, though.
I was under the perhaps mistaken impression that asome folks ate grunion and other sea catches raw: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grunion

I enjoyed the Japanese “Iron Chef” Octopus Battle episode - Sakai was whacking on his with a mallet to tenderize it while it was still wiggling.

Then there was Michael Palin’s visit to a snake restaurant in Shanghai - the skins came off before they were fried to death.