Recognizing actors' siblings

I’m watching the “Bubble Boy” episode of Seinfield, and I notice that the actor who play’s the bubble boy’s dad has this mannerism where he talks out the side of his mouth a little. I see that, and I realize that he looks a lot like the actor who played Freddie Rumsen in Mad Men, who has that exact same mannerism. Except this episode is probably from 1993 and Mad Men started in 2007, and there’s no way it’s the same actor, he’s like 20 years too old – maybe his son?

So I looked it up and they’re brothers, in fact they’re both Bill Murray’s brothers – the oldest actor-brother, bubble boy’s dad, was the mayor in Groundhog Day, and the youngest actor-brother was Freddie Rumsen, and they are indeed almost 20 years apart.
Yet they have the exact same facial mannerism that instantly connected them in my mind.

This happened to me a few months earlier when my wife was watching Superstore, and one of the actors pursed his lips in a manner that seemed almost identical to Ike Barinholtz. Ends up they’re brothers as well.

The other day Mrs R and I were watching Midsomer Murders, and one actress looked a lot like our fav, Honeysuckle Weeks. Sure 'nuff, she was Honeysuckle’s little sister Perdita.

I would have thought all of the Murray brothers were famous enough to stand out. Joel Murray has been pretty successful as an actor. John Murray not so much but he has been in several things including playing his brother’s brother in Scrooged. Brian Doyle Murray was on Saturday Night Live after his younger brother was on.

Don Swayze is recognizable as looking like his brother after something went terribly wrong.

If you squint real hard you can see the family resemblance that William Mapother has with his more famous cousin.