Recommend a bank, please!

I am switching from HSBC primarily because they don’t have a branch in New Jersey and we moved here a few years ago. They have one in Cote D’Ivoire but they don’t do business in the garden state.

The only stipulation is that the bank must have branches in New Jersey and New York City, preferably near the Port Authority.

We’re seriously considering Bank of America but are open to other choices.


Does Wells Fargo have branches in your area? In my experience, I’d keep my money in a pile on the front lawn before going with them. At least there you’ll know where your cash went. They’ve messed with my sister and my mother many times, never mind how *everything * has a fee attached. I’ve never had an account with them, no business of any kind. Yet they somehow managed to give a credit card to someone using my name, who then ran up a huge bill, of course. They didn’t even confirm the identity and residence of the person applying for the card! In my opinion, they’re shifty incompetants from the word Go.

Bank of America may not be the best bank, but at least they’ve never lost my money (some poor guy’s paychecks were showing up in my sister’s account) or given strangers a credit card with my name on it.

I can’t recommend National City enough – superb online banking [I could rave about this alone for hours], the best customer service I’ve ever received in ANY business bar none, branches everywhere, a plethora of choices for everything from checking, savings, loans, CDs, money markets, stocks, etc. I’ve dealt with several banks, and NC has surpassed my expectations by a mile.

Another vote for Bank of America. Been damned handy to have their ATMs nearly everywhere. Which is good because they charge you a seperate $2 fee for using other people’s ATMs. Don’t let yourself get overdrawn with them, though. It’s a bitch to get out from under when you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Other than that, they’ve been perfectly reliable with direct deposits, lost cards, checks. And their customer service line is 24/7 for most things. All that good stuff.

I can’t recommend a specific name, but have you considered a credit union? I’ve had nothing but good experiences with mine (and several bad experiences with banks) and you usually get higher interest rates on deposits and/or lower interest rates on loans. As far as needing branches in two states–my credit union is in Wisconsin, but with direct deposit, online banking, and surcharge-free ATMs, I do just fine living in another state.

I have no complaints with Bank of America. They have ATMs and branches everywhere, their website works well, and their customer service is fine, though not exceptional.

Dont do bank of america, we just bailed out of those idiots…

mrAru rolled my car 3 weeks ago, and I got the check and deposited it last friday before the 2 pm cutoff and wsa told that the check would be posted monday morning. It finally got posted yesterday. A bank of america business account [state farm insurance] going into a bank of america personal account. They were ‘concerned’ that the business check would bounce. Meh. mrArus paycheck was only ‘pending’ but we have full access to that money. So we were stuck paying for another 4 days of rental car that we really can’t afford because they cant move a few electrons internally.

On the other hand, we spoke with the manager of citibanc and were assured that would not have happened [if it had been a citibanc business check to a personal account…] so we are inmid change to citibank. YMMV

IIRC PNC bank is very concentrated in the tristate area, check them out.

See my rant in the Pit.

Actually, Wells Fargo in Nebraska is not bad. Maybe they kept enough of the Norwest Bank people to keep them from sucking like their Los Angeles credit card operation did 10 years ago. Man, what flustercuck that operation was!

I was really worried when Norwest sold out, but the WF takeover made very little difference other than there being fewer branches and ATMs in the Omaha area.

Never get a credit card from them. Your account just might end up in LA.(Shudders)

I think that the only banks that are really going to meet the conditions that you have stipulated, IE multiple branches in the city and also in Northern NJ, are probably Chase Manhattan, Bank of America, Sovereign Bank, and Wachovia. There are some other banks in NJ/NY, but those are the ones where you will actually find branches/ATMs where you might want them. I don’t know that I can recommend any of them - I’ve used Sovereign before, and I had a Chase Credit Card and looked at an account with them, and my wife has used Fleet (now Wachovia). None of them had GREAT accounts - generally direct deposit was required for free checking, and the fee schedule was pretty steep. I think I would probably choose by using the branch/ATM locator to find which one has an ATM & Branch closest to where I want to use it, honestly.

When I lived in New Jersey, I used Commerce Bank and they were great. I dropped Bank of America out here in Seattle due to their fees and went with Washington Mutual - much better service. I’ve heard horror stories about Wells Fargo from people who did business with them, so I steer clear.

We use Bank of America. They have numerous ATM locations all over our area, and I really like their online banking and bill payment website.

So long as you do all your banking online and/or at ATMs and don’t have any problems, B of A is fine. I’ve heard many customer service horror stories about them, though, so I wouldn’t recommend them if you expect anything approaching good customer service.

I’m another one who’s voting to opt out of banks altogether, and go with a credit union.

While I was working for ConEd, I’d used the same credit union that I’d had while I was in the military. They allowed up to 8 fee free ATM transactions a month, and were always available by phone. After I’d tried to set up an account with M&T Bank and had them bugger me - I have pretty much given up on banks.

Commerce has long hours, no fees and those handy change counters which don’t skim 8% off the top.

The problem I related in the Pit has been taken care of to my satisfaction.

The person who reads complaint e-mail @ E*TRADE was really prompt. The fact that the action taken was not accompanied by a formal e-mailed or telephoned
apology is irrelevant.

Wells Fargo’s LA credit card operation kept telling me how sorry they were and kept not delivering on their promises for so long that I had to drop them.

Most corporate apologies are of the vein, “WE are sorry that YOU have a problem.
WE have been doing this this way for a very long time and YOU are THE ONLY ONE
EVER TO COMPLAIN.” Who needs that anyway?