Recommend a bourbon for someone who likes Canadian whisky

Pretty self-explanatory. My brother is a fan of blended Canadian whiskeys like Crown and Pendleton, and I wanted to get him a nice bottle of bourbon for Christmas to introduce him to the joys of a drink that you can sip without having to mix it with cola.

I was thinking of Buffalo Trace as a good gateway bourbon for him: smooth, slightly sweet, and very accessible. Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?

Woodford Reserve is a very nice mid priced bottle that doesn’t get into the raw alcohol heat that some higher caliber boubons seem to pride themselves on, but Buffalo Trace is a great idea as well.

Actually, I’d recommend a 2 step seduction. First get him a bottle of Russell’s Reserve Rye. Then for his birthday get him a bottle of Russell’s Reserve Bourbon. Wild Turkey has a pair of keepers with these, and will appreciate the business you will be kicking their way.

Although Buffalo Trace will hook him, no doubt. That stuff is liquid crack.

Central Kentuckian here with another vote each for Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve. I like Woodford a little bit better, but Buffalo Trace is probably a better gateway bourbon. It also costs less!

If you’re looking for an everyday, inexpensive gateway bourbon (and you can get it), I’d recommend Ancient Ancient Age (“Triple A”) which is made by the Buffalo Trace Distillery (formerly the Ancient Age Distillery until they decided to enter the upscale market).

Four Roses Small Batch is also pretty good, but not quite “gateway”. Eagle Creek is good and gateway, but a bit too expensive.

This is the most expensive whiskey at the bar where I do karaoke. I tried it once.

It tastes like ass. Ass mixed with kerosene.

I’ll stick with my scotch.