Recommend a CD or DVD to help me sleep

My insomnia is getting worse and medication doesn’t seem to be helping.

If you like white noise, you can actually get a CD of a fan or hair dryer blowing or TV white noise or whatever gets you drowsy at amazon.

This probably isn’t what you mean, but get the DVD of Contact with Jodi Foster and play it with the commentary track on. Something about the movie audio so quietly in the background and Jodi’s soothing, soft voice on the main track discussing the details of the shoot always puts me to sleep. And I like the movie.

The first thing that comes to mind are the “Enviroments” CDs:

Psychologically Ultimate Seashore


Dawn at New Hope English Meadow

On the “Middle Cyclone” CD by Neko Case, the last track is basically about thirty minutes of nighttime-insects-chirping filler. That might help you fall asleep. (Of course, depending on where you live you could just open your window and get the same effect.)

This doesn’t directly answer the OP but I recently bought a $3 sleep mask from the drug store - I’ve used earplugs for months, but the mask has let me fall asleep, and STAY asleep, and wake up feeling actually rested. It’s glorious. Your mileage may, of course, vary, but wirth a try, I’d say.

Now, as for the OP I have an audio book of the King James Bible with the OT read by someone quite grand, and the NT read by James Earl Jones. Seems to help.

I have often used the CD Sleep on a Train. An actual recording of the clickety-clack of a train during a night trip. I often imagine taking a cross country train trip and falling asleep to the rhythm of the sleeper car. Good stuff.

THE FOUNTAIN by Darren Aronofsky. It put me to sleep in the cinema!!!

I have a rainstorm CD, but it doesn’t put me to sleep. I sleep with a real fan on both for the white noise and for the air movement… I’m thinking more in terms of maybe guided meditation or really relaxing music…? Ideas?