Recommend a Chess Tutorial DVD

I used to play a lot but was and am still a putzer (if that’s the term).

I’d like a tutorial that doesn’t necessarily start from ground zero, but if it’s there, I’ll go with it - if you say it’s a great tutorial.

Also how about a site or three for playing online.

Just as an aside…

I used to work in Pleasantville, NY, and the guy who headed up R&D was extremely smart and into chess - especially AI. He brought me to his chess club, and while there a few minutes, suggested I play his friend.

So, we two went off to table somewhere to play. I found the R&D afterwards, and he asked a little too casually, “How’d you do?”

“I beat him,” I answered truthfully.

“You what?” he asked, now aghast.

“I beat him the first game, he hammered me in the second.”

“You’re shittin’ me.”

“No, I’m not.”

“He’s the best player in the club.”

True story. An absolute fluke, of course. And, as you might imagine, it was a setup from the go, only I was supposed to get my ass totally handed to me.

Dear Barn Owl,

Let me recommend CT-ART 3.0. Study it carefully and you’ll
beat the crap out of every Doper who dares to play chess
against you.


Your one true friend

Hi, I’m a professional chess teacher. :cool:

The word you want is patzer (meaning beginner). I think it’s Yiddish (like kibitzer).

I don’t know about a DVD. I can confidently recommend this shop (which has a US outlet):

I have used this site a few times:

If you would like to play a game in this thread with me, just let me know. (I assume you know chess notation.)

Really? That is :cool:!

This probably won’t work for you **BarnOwl ** but my six year old son got the Lego chess DVD a couple of months ago and has turned into a chess fanatic. He’s gotten got quite good and can beat dear old Dad now unless I really pay attention to what I’m doing. I would definitely recommend the Lego DVD for a child, it has some built in tutorials and such, and you can set the level of play over quite a wide range.

My son is participating in his first “real” competition on Sunday.

Thank you both - Glee and Laughing Lagomorph

I bought the CT-ART 3.0, LL , but thanks for the thought.

And Glee, when I’m ready (in 30 years or less), I’ll ask you to play a game. Yes I know Chess Notation.

Also, I have shopped at, but it’s a good reminder of a resource. I will certainly give a try, after I’ve studied my new tutorial.