Recommend a DVD player for a non-vid-phile

My costco- issued Sanyo DVD player is starting to crap out on me. It worked for two years with minimal trouble but now I’m getting the dreaded ‘no play’ message when loading in dvd’s that it used to play. Sometimes a swift smack on its side will get it working, but some (like The Lion in Winter disc I just bought) will not play at all. I tried them out on a friend’s machine to see if it was a lame disc, and they work fine elsewhere. I’ve tried cleaning the discs, running a cleaning disc in the player and giving it a does of compressed air, to no avail.

So I’m getting a new player. My requirements are 1) reliability/durability; 2) about $200CDN 3)available in Canada. What should I buy?

I’m sure this has been asked before but the search engine won’t take the term"DVD" since it only has three letters. :mad:

I’m not too sure about the Canadian market, but I reckon the major brands all exist.

Some of these model numbers can look SLIGHTLY different in Canada, as I’m quoting European models. But generally anything by these makers should be OK, just look for a model in your price range.

Examples around/below $200 CDN:

Toshiba SD220/230/330
Philips 625/728
Pioneer 350/360
JVC XV-N30/N33
Panasonic S31/S35
Sony NS305/330