Recommend a DVD Writer

I need an IDE drive that’s under $100 (or so), that’ll work fast and will last.

I’d like to consider a fast-working, long-lasting stand-alone unit (even though it might cost more) but I’ve been told:

Usually, IDE or installed drives as you call them, are a better choice as they do not use a USB port and the link to the CPU is direct.

If you have different opinions and recommendations, I’d appreciate hearing them.

There’s nothing wrong with an external DVD writer as long as you have a spare USB port. But, here’s a great internal DVD writer:

HP Internal DVD Writer with LightScribe

It supports Dual-layer, it’s fast, it’s reliable, and LightScribe is very cool. If you’re not familiar with it, it gives you the ability to burn a label directly to a disc (using special lightscribe-capable discs). First you burn your data or music to the disc. Then, you turn the disc upside down and burn the label.

There’s a demo of lightscribe in action here.


Off to IMHO.


I’ve had no problem with LG drives, and they seem to be among the most versatile, handling the most disc types.

I belong to, which recently voted on the top 5 optical drives April-June 2007

I personally prefer the Pioneer DVR-112. The retail version in the United States is also called the DVR-1810.

I put a Samsung SH-S182L in an oldish Dell a while back and have had no complaints whatever. It’s ATAPI (i.e., IDE), DVD±RW, double layer, and Lightscribe capable, though I haven’t had cause to use that feature yet.

Thank you all very much,

The recommendations are so good, I’m gonna have a hard time deciding.

slight hijack: what lightscribe software is the best? I tried using the program from lightscribe itself, and it never wanted to work. Is there decent third party freeware available?