Recommend a Gold Plated Automatic Watch

Solid gold is out of my price range so I’m looking at gold plated. Do you have one you love? One you have your eye on? I’d prefer automatic but if you can recommend a really good quartz let’s hear about it!

You don’t say what kind of price range or style you’re looking for, but I will offer up a couple of options that what I feel have a great price/performance ratio.

I love automatics too, and I have two different non-gold-plated versions of the these watches in my collection (being a stainless steel black, and s/s an blue face with pepsi bezel):
(Note the bezel size on this one, it’s quite large - perhaps comically so if you have small wrists)

The watches use the Seiko NH35A automatic movement which is accurate, rugged, and well respected. Mine keep fantastic time (for an automatic in general), and I’ve received many complements on them. The exhibition case back is pretty cool too.

The Invicta branding is not going to impress any hardcore watch snobs though…

Thanks! I’ll take a look.

Gold watches are kind of gauche today, as such you don’t see many watch makers making them in gold. Bronze would probably be a close fit in today’s styling.

If you really want gold, I would suggest looking at a vintage timepiece.

Oh yeah go vintage! Like my dad’s Eternamatic Concept 80. No you can’t have my dad’s. It’s mine now. But there’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt.

Does an automatic watch suffer when it sits around and unwinds? I have an heirloom Omega that needs 300 bucks of work. This is after it got rehabbed after sitting around for years. I’m wondering if it’s because I let it unwind. I’ve seen those battery powered cradles that keep automatics wound when you’re not wearing them. What do you guys think?

Seiko do a nice rose gold in their Presage range - something like the SRP852J1, the SSA346J1 or the SRPB46J1 might suit.

I do like the Seiko’s but I’m looking for something with a gold bracelet - I think I saw a Seiko 5 like that

Seiko does a gold quartz day date “homage” that might interest you.