Recommend a good, affordable hotel or B&B in London

Me and my lovely girlfriend will be taking a nice trip to London in a few weeks time. I already booked some horrendously cheap tickets (courtesy of SleazyJet, of course). Now, we’re looking for a nice B&B or hotel in London. Preferably zone 1, but a little outside of it is fine too, I suppose.

It would be for three nights, from October 6 through 9.
I found a deal for €225 (all inclusive, 2 people, three nights) in the Express (Holiday Inn) in Greenwich. Is that near the Dome? If so, you need to take that silly new tube line from Strand, don’t you? Bit of a hassle, perhaps, but the rate is pretty good. Thoughts on this hotel?

Any other suggestions are more than welcome! Also, should some of the locals be up for a few pints, that can be arranged as well. :slight_smile:

Ah, bollocks. Forgot the e-mail notification.

Check the Londope thread, there is a link to a hotel there, I got a single for around £40.

Try - They are a pretty good for a cheaper chain and they have a number of hotels in London some of which are a bit more convenient than Greenwich.
Also try IBIS hotels (sorry, no link)

Superbreak :- also have a good range of hotels in London and quite a few special offers . I managed to find a 4 star hotel near Heathrow ( I am booked on an early flight ) for £49 a room for early September.

We stayed at theCherry Court Hotel in London a few years ago, and some friends stayed there last year. It was nice and clean and affordable, which was exactly what we wanted. It might not be what you’re looking for, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyway!

Whenever my Mom and I go to London, we always stay in the Bloomsbury area - it’s pretty centrally located, near a number of tube stops and we always find good, cheap B & B’s.

We use theSmoothound Web site to find good deals.

Last time we were in London (Fall, 2002), we stayed at the Langland and were very happy with it. It was clean, the staff was nice, the breakfast was good - not luxurious but good for the money. Here’s their Web site:

Currently, the Langland is showing prices for two people between 45 & 80 pounds per night (depending on whether it’s en suite0 - that includes breakfast. It was full up when we were there, which meant a wait for the bathrooms at times, but still - it was worth it to be in a nice, cheap, clean place.

As for the beers, no doubt some of us will be around.

When I was in London in 1998 ago I stayed at the Vandon House in Victoria. At the time it was run by the Salvation Army, and was consequently dirt cheap (the only drawback being that I had to keep some French wine I was carrying out of sight). The rooms were absolutely enormous compared to everything else I saw in London, and I found everything to be very clean, comfortable, and safe.

I now read with some degree of disappointment that the hotel is under new management as a private hotel. If the rates seem reasonable to you, however, I’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Have a great trip!

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!

I found this B&B in Kensington. For the location, GBP 60 a night seems like a good deal, wouldn’t you locals say?

Have you tried and ? I’ve stayed [url=}here for purposes of Londope.
60 quid per room per night is about the cheapest you’ll get, I reckon - just have to shop around and see what you get for your 60 quid.

Got one for ya!

RCA hotels. I stay there every time I go to London. 2 minute walk from Lancaster Gate (which is across the streeet from Hyde Park) and 10 minutes from Paddington.

"The Royal Court Apartments – situated 2 minutes walk from the majestic gardens & fountains of Hyde Park, offers a fabulous location with excellent 24-hour reception, security and daily maid service – making it a home from home with the added bonus of hotel facilities. We also have a leisure center, meeting or function room facilities and during office hours we can provide all necessary office facilities.

We also offer accommodation for those travelling on a tighter budget, offering the comfort and quality without the frills or costs attached at out B&B Hotel – the Scancourt Hotel (RCA’s budget hotel)."

They have apartment suites (with a kitchenette and refrigerator, couch and coffee table) for around 60GBP (Lowest I’ve paid is 48, last time was 60). They also have newer ones across the street called Paddington Suites or something for around 65GBP. I never eat breakfast, but I think it was part and parcel. and click on the “Order Online” to get to the pages with photos and info.

Have fun!

We stayed at the Ormonde House B&B near Sloane Square:

Rates for a double are now 90 pounds/night - I believe it was 60 when we stayed there.

Oddly (or maybe not so much for me) I remembered the name of the pub nearby (The Antelope) before I could remember the name of this place.

That’s usually the area that I stay. Very quiet with some good pubs. It’s also in close proximity to King’s Cross in case you get lonely :wink:

Stayed at some great little hotels there. Very small but very cheap.

Can’t remember the name of a single place I stayed at, but The Lord John Russell is quite the pub. Most likely I spent more time there than at my hotel.

Thanks for all the help! I ended up booking the one I linked to earlier. Well, they still have to confirm availability, but three week nights in October ought to be doable, I reckon.