Recommend a home exercise item for a small area?

Perhaps “item” isn’t the right term, but during the local lockdown, I managed to get into decent shape. Now that the local gym is open I can go there, but often find an excuse not to do so. However, I’m usually able to work out at home. I currently own two small dumbbells and a resistance band but want something more. Any suggestions? I have a small bedroom I use most days.

What are your goals? Weight vests, not so small dumb bells, kettle bells, sand bags, door jam pull-up bars etc would all work in a small area but what do you want to accomplish specifically and how much room do you have. Is the small bedroom empty or contain a bed?

it does have a fairly large bed-I have about a six-foot area where I can stretch out, but I can probably make more. Ideally fitness and perhaps strength gain would be my goals.

I’ll stick with my fist list then. Calisthenic exercises with a small array of weights and a good program should fit the bill, or at least it did for me until I found more room.

I’d probably go with the Bowflex selecttech dumbells. You can pack two dumbells in a 2’x2’ area and they will adjust to be anything from 5 pounds to 50 pounds. That and a bench should allow you to 80% of any lifts you want to do and will grow with you as you get stronger. They aren’t cheap but my wife’s set is still in great shape after 10 years.

Bolded are the entirety of my home exercise equipment. They take up very little space unless you’re tall or need to close the door with the bar. It doesn’t store well

One item, small space – I’d suggest a kettlebell. If you’re a male in reasonable condition go for 16 kg; elderly male, male in poor condition, or woman start with 12 kg.

And here’s an excellent free how to now on Youtube:
Enter the Kettlebell - Pavel Tsatsouline

Enter the Kettlebell - Pavel Tsatsouline - YouTube

They really don’t store well, especially if you just want to leave it in place. I had a titan ceiling mount bar I used for a while that wasn’t very expensive and caused no trouble to 6’tall me in the least. Pros, sturdy, well built, several grips. Cons, (semi)permanent, ugly.

I’d suggest a weight vest if you can find a good deal on one and don’t have room for a rack or bench. If it fits your existing routine.