Recommend a lunch bag?

I need a lunch bag that will keep my calories cool for 6 hours or so. Anyone have one they are particularly fond of?

It must be roomy and sturdily built. And not look all girly.


How about a mini-cooler?

That’s what I used - a Lil Polar I think it’s called - by Coleman. Had a shoulder strap and stuff. Kept my lunch cold with an ice pack in it.

I like the Built lunch bag. Various patterns available, and while it is rated for four hours you could always put a cool pack in it for longer. I like it because it is flexible (neoprene), and I can overstuff it when I need to.

Second the Built bag. I have one, and while mine is a girly blue plaid print, you can choose something manlier. While we have a fridge here at work to stash it in, I’m always surprised at how cool it keeps things on the off chance I don’t put it in the fridge right away (for whatever reason). Especially if you’ve got something cold in there to begin with, like a can of pop or cool pack.

I need a new lunch bag too. I’d love to find something in a backpack or other soft material with one insulated compartment for my lunch/snack, and other compartments to carry papers, an umbrella, and other stuff for the office.

The Built bag is not really what I had in mind.

I’ll probably go with this.

I have a Mr. Bento that I liked a lot when I worked. The only stupid thing about it is that the vacuum canister goes into a fabric carrying bag, instead of just having a handle. Still, it was versatile and everything inside stays the same temperature for a long time.

If you want to drop less money and can get by with three containers there is a Ms. Bento that is not at all girly.

This Just Bento cookbook on the same page as the Ms. Bento looks really good.