Recommend a multiplayer PC game like Call of Duty 2

This is a callout to the PC gamers. So I used to love to play Call of Duty 2 multiplayer. I played on a 64 player capture the flag server called All Around Gamming. I haven’t played in years, but I did try once after switching to Windows 10, but it wouldn’t load.

So, I am looking for a game like Call of Duty 2. I have no interest in playing single player. Just multiplayer.

I like the WWII aspect of COD2, but that’s not a requirement.

If anyone knows a game I might like, please let me know. Thanks

I can’t say at all that this is what you’re looking for, but if you want a close- and ranged-combat military-environment TKOTH/CTF type game but are open to a non-modern setting, I can highly recommend my latest find, Conqueror’s Blade. F2P. No P2W altho there is pay-to-save-lots-of-time. Good community, too. There’s a thread:

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Thanks. That game looks interesting. I may check it out. But my current obsession is finding a first person shooter to play.

If you play with a bow, short bow or musket, the game will be a FPS for you.

The only reason it isn’t a FPS for me is because I don’t play ranged weapons (yet) so I have nothing to shoot.


Oh; do you mean you want a POV that only shows your arms and hands? No; CB doesn’t have that.