Recommend a naval strategy game for a PC

For some reason I’m jonesing for some sea battles. I’m thinking something like Harpoon, but I would rather it be WWII based with the south Pacific theater included. I want aircraft carriers to be involved, but the battleships to still be a factor. Is there anything like that available that is good?

If nothing comes to mind for that war or theater, any other recommendations would be good too. I’m ok with older software as long as I don’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops to run it.

Thanks for any recommendations!

For strategy in the Pacific, nothing beats Pacific War which is also free. The graphics may suck but once you learn the game, it is addictive.

Unless you want a more graphical interface , either harpoon one or two should do you fine. While the default packs are seventies and eighties vintage warships , you can get add on packs for WW1 and WW2, so you can scrap it out with the Yamato and Musashi vs the Montana class battlewagons , or Jutland Redux.

I always found it fun to reduce Brazils navy to scrap metal and razor blades :slight_smile:


What about Harpoon 3?

There was a game I had a long time ago that I loved.

It was called something like “something 1942”. It was basically the battles for Guaducanal (sp?). Anyway it did not use air units but battle groups. Everything from destroyers escorts to battleships. You would set up the fleet formation and could then took your ships into battle. They moved about pretty realistically and you had to order your ships into various formations and tell them what ships to target. You could go down to the ship level and do some manual targeting if the AI wasn’t doing a good job. I added quite a bit to Iron Bottom Sound in that game.

Personally I’ve always wanted another game like this one. IIRC it had something like 12 floopy disks to load the game on to your PC. I would like a Star Wars space battle with just capitol ships based on this type of play.

I used to have the original Harpoon by 360 along with a couple packs. It was a great game, but I never had anything for WWII. Where do the add on packs come from? From the people that Jeff Olsen linked? I would guess they include carriers and aircraft for the WW2 packs?

Very interesting. I didn’t realize that anyone was still working on that game.

Funny. I was just looking at a new release from Matrix Games called War in the Pacific. Unfortunately they don’t have much information. From the message boards it looks pretty buggy, but it is a new release. Does anyone know anything about this one?

You’re most likely thinking of ** Task Force 1942 ** by Microprose. I loved that game too- it was lots of fun, especially the scenario editor. Nothing quite like seeing how the Yamato or Iowa does vs. 4 CLs or 2 CAs. Or even 15 DDs!

About all I wished for was multiplayer capability, and at the time it would have been 14.4 modem head-to-head play, or possibly LAN play.

You are thinking of Task Force 1942 by Microprose. I loved that game. Nothing like sailing my Japanese task force into the American landing zone and wreaking havoc.

There was on Old Koei game called PTO(Pacific Theater of Operations) made the the SNES. Basically a nice broad WW2 Pacific theater game with lots of scenarios and a long campaign. I rather enjoyed it.

I heard there was a sequel, but I don’t know much about it.

PTO 2 for the playstation.

There was an SNES version as well, IIRC.

Meh. Never liked it as much as the original Harpoon. Or Harpoon 95, to be more precise. That was just a ‘windowized’ harpoon. With Harpoon 4 in limbo, it looks like the old Harpoon is going to have to trudge on.

Give me about a day or so to track down that website. In most cases there is a senario editor that allowed people to create their own pacs, which is were you would get the WW2 ,WW1 and odd ball senarios.

Most of the downloads are just people putting together what ever struck their fancy, rather than anything put out by 360, supposedly there is a pac out , where the naval college tweaked a lot of the settings for various things , to get a more real world experience.


Poking around that website a bit, it looks like Harpoon Classic 2002 is the game to get.

Yeah, they offer both Harpoon Classic 2002 Gold and Harpoon 3. It sounds like both are still being worked on, but HC 2002G may slowly be going away.

I’ll sum a few things up from their website. They are working on Harpoon 3 MP (multiplayer) and Harpoon 3 Pro which has some additions. Harpoon 4 is dead. Stick a fork in it. They have a project called TNH (The Next Harpoon), but it sounds like that is still in an exploration phase (is it feasible?). TNH is supposed to use the Harpoon 4 (pen and paper?) rule set if it’s ever developed.

Declan, I am very interested in anything you can find out about WW2 add ons. I think I’ll make a post on one of the Harpoon boards too.

Oh yeah, has anyone played the game I mentioned in an earlier post? (War in the Pacific)

Thanks for the help and suggestions!