Recommend a new appointment show for me!

I was an X-files and Seinfeld fanatic. These were my appointment shows. Nothing short of very, very uh… very good sex could make me miss an episode. Even then, if the VCR wasn’t set it was “no deal”.

So, we all know that my “birth control” shows are on permanent hiatus.

Fellow dopers, I am requesting your collective opinions on new “Sorry, but I need to be home by *:**” programs.

There are 2 Qualifiers:

No sit-coms (Unless they are of Seinfeld Quality)-There are no good sit-coms.

I have basic cable only. No HBO (No Sopranos), MAX, etc.

You all have the best minds on the internet and I’m counting on you. I promise to watch all serious suggestions (the VCR will be set for conflicting channels/times) and update you on the new “Chosen One/s”.

Thanks all,


Try THE AMAZING RACE, Wednesday at 9pm (ET) on CBS. This season’s series started four weeks ago, but it’s easy to catch on.
There were 11 teams of two people each at the beginning. The object of the game is to follow clues and race around the world (or as much of the world as the game requires). The first team to the finish line after 13 weeks wins $1,000,000.
It’s great for folks who love travel because the show goes to some pretty neat places. It’s great for folks who get high on people watching because these teams each have a very distinct personality. And it’s a lot of fun to munch over each week’s episode the next morning.
Teams are currently in Scotland. Who knows where they’ll go next!

Oh, and I agree with you: There are NO good sitcoms.

Another good choice would be CSI, Thursdays at 9pm (ET), also on CBS. It’s currently the most watched show in the universe. CSI stands for Crime Scene Investigators. There are 5 main characters, each with a different quirk. They use forensic science to solve murders in and around Las Vegas.

It has neat F/X and is shot in very high contrast, so it has a dark look all its own.

The main clue in each show is usually some obscure scientific/medical fact. This show is gooooood!

Sigh. annieclaus beat me to both of my suggestions. These are my only two at the moment – though I’m liking Robbery Homicide Division, the new Michael Mann show with Tom Sizemore (though the latter looks a lot like William Bendix, which I, for one, find a trifle distracting).

“Frasiser” is “Seinfeld” good, IMHO, but I think it’s on its way out. Still…great, show. I only “discovered” it last year.

“Monk” is showing a lot of promise.

And Mole 3 is coming up. Of course, no Anderson :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: so I don’t know if it’ll be worth it.

If you like The X-Files you might enjoy John Doe, on Fridays at 9pm on Fox. Same kinda weird conspiracy-paranoia type drama.

I hate to say it, but, get HBO.

Alot of people like CSI. I personally can’t stand it. Horrible acting, melodramatic and William Peterson is contemptible.

From what I hear The Shield is pretty good. Don’t know if it warrants an appointment.

My only appointment shows are Survivor, Six Feet Under, and The Sopranos. Oh, and rerun’s of the Simpsons.

My appointment shows are Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, and the Simpsons.