recommend a restaurant just outside of detroit (need answer fast)

a friend is attending the SAE Congress in Detroit this week. My wife and I plan to meet him for dinner tonight, but we’re not sure where. Since the Congress brings in about a zillion people from around the world, I’m expecting that restaurants close to downtown Detroit will be crowded, so I’m interested in finding something slightly removed from there.

Anyone care to recommend a tasty restaurant where entrees are maybe $15-$20? I’ve been searching Dearborn, but I’d be willing to go farther out, say, Inkster or Southfield for example.

Type of food could be anything: Italian, Indian, middle eastern, American, Japanese, whatever.

Last year we went to Andiamo, and it was…OK. Not great, but OK.

Currently eyeballing Edison’s at the Dearborn Inn. Anybody been there?

The one other candidate right now is Slow’s BBQ, though my wife is a little skittish about traveling through questionable neighborhoods, and I’ve been told Slow’s is in a rather run-down area. Been there? What’s your impression of the area?

It’s probably too late for dinner with your friend, but do give Slow’s a try. The food is fantastic, the area isn’t so bad and it’s right next to the highway anyway.

Personally, I didn’t think Slows BBQ was all that great. I would recommend Kiernan’s Steakhouse in Dearborn off Michigan Avenue.